Schools need our help

Today, more than ever, our children are being challenged by a society that expects them to attain a high degree of literacy in an ever increasingly complex world. Our schools in the North Beach School District need our help in order to meet that challenge.

Their request for our support of the Maintenance and Operations Levy is very reasonable. The superintendent, board and staff of our district work hard to assure that every dollar is well spent.

We have been volunteering at Ocean Shores Elementary School since 2005 and before that in Tacoma for many years. Small school districts are especially vulnerable. Our community’s children have the same needs for special and individual attention as children anywhere in order for them to succeed and it is through the M&O Levy that the district can afford to have the trained staff available to work with the children on a daily basis.

More than ever, schools and school districts have to meet testing and graduation requirements that are imposed by the state and national authorities without any accompanying financial support, leaving the district with a mandate to comply but without the funds to support that mandate.

By supporting the local levy, we can help bridge the funding gap and help our district meet their educational requirements. We encourage you to join us in voting yes on this important levy.

John and Sally Lynn

Ocean Shores


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