Some Harbor help for Miss America candidate?

I would like to thank Grays Harbor for the wonderful support I have received from so many over my years as a contestant in the Miss America Organization. The Miss Grays Harbor Scholarship Program has been an instrumental part of my personal growth, first as Miss Grays Harbor’s Outstanding Teen 2008, then as Miss Grays Harbor 2013. The director, Sue Drolz, has been supportive of my goals even when it led me to Massachusetts, where I now attend graduate school.

I want to thank the many volunteers who have believed in me, and I appreciate all of your cards and support. A special thank you to Claudia Self for traveling to Massachusetts to support me along with my immediate family, and my uncle, Randy Thompson. It was wonderful to have you cheering for me. To young women in Grays Harbor, I hope you consider taking part in the Miss Grays Harbor Scholarship Program, as it has helped me earn valuable scholarships, interviewing and networking skills that will be beneficial throughout life.

Many individuals have asked how they can help with my journey to Atlantic City in September to vie for the Miss America crown. I have an answer! I would like to have a “Hometown Harbor” advertisement in the program book, and I hope individuals, businesses, and organizations will want to be part of it. Because the ads are $2,000 per page in full color, we don’t want to ask anyone to pay that much. We would like to compile all supporters onto one page and this is what we are suggesting; $50 family donation or $100 for businesses/organizations. People can call my mom at 532-1162 by Saturday, Aug. 2, if they would like to participate

Thanks so much!

I hope many of you are able to tune in ABC on Sept. 14, for three hours of Miss America. Thank you for helping send me to Miss America as the first Harborite since 1961 when Miss Washington, Gail Hannuk, represented us beautifully in Atlantic City.

Lauren Kuhn

Miss Massachusetts 2014


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