Some tribal members left without a paddle

Congressmen, the media nor the U.S. Government will get involved in tribal politics. What is our recourse? Our General Council voted on and approved an Elders Per Capita and our president and business committee failed to comply. They made a “Paddle” their priority over their elders.

We lost two of our tribal elders in this little Indian village. Two brothers, both who had fought and survived the horrors of Vietnam only to die in poverty.

Our sovereign government takes full advantage of the federal government’s retirement system for their tribal employees then hides behind sovereignty to abandon those tribal members whose hard work and dedication got our tribe the level of success it has then they are left all alone with nothing and nothing coming.

When I brought it up, I was told to find the revenue myself for our elders. My response was they didn’t elect me to. But I’m gonna try. I’ve requested grant information from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I’m not a grant writer but if I got to do it myself, I’ll do my best. I appealed to the Vietnam Veterans of America.

One man worked in our fish house for decades and had a stroke on our clam digging beach. Another elder had a brain aneurysm there. I’ve seen another elder crawl on his hands and knees from clam hole to clam hole to get enough clams to make ends meet.

Some average, law-abiding senior citizens are risking their freedom and their lives to get a few bucks from our natural resources, they are that desperate.

What about those on that same boat without a “Paddle”?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Jean Ramos



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