Somebody will have to pay

If the silent majority loses the railcar debacle, and transportation of crude oil is allowed to cross the inland Northwest then I propose a mandate on financial restitution in case of spills, explosions, injury and deaths, property damage and loss.

The responsible parties should be the political cronies and their cohorts who voted for the measure.

They, the proud, the obnoxious, their names are a matter of record and it’s inevitable that they will be the environmental and property crime debaters and liable for any fines, fees, criminal prosecution and any other retribution the court deems fit.

The Transportation Safety Board has forewarned the public that crude has a low flash point.

So dig deep, Mr. Port Commissioners and constituents, save every penny and rob the piggy bank — you’ll need it.

Oh, and stay married — you’ll want conjugal visits.

Felix Capoeman



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