Spay/neuter programs need your support

Each February the U.S. Humane Society conducts a World Spay Day campaign that shines the spotlight on the importance of spay/neuter and how it can save lives of companion animals, feral cats, community cats and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street.

Every year thousands of pets are euthanized simply because there are not enough homes for them.

Coastal Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA) is asking help from Grays Harbor businesses and residences to “shine the spotlight” in their neighborhoods. In all likelihood there will be stray dogs or feral cats and community cats. Community cats are usually friendly, and may visit several homes for food and companionship, but no one really owns the cat. Sadly, the majority of these cats or their offspring , were once owned but were either abandoned or forced to live outside. Usually they’re not altered. Kittens born to these cats are often born dead or very sick with respiratory illnesses. A few survive; enough to contribute to the overpopulation.

Spay/neuter can put an end to overpopulation. There are critics who will say, “It won’t make a difference, It’s a waste of time and money.”

Last Spring two rescue shelters from the Seattle area that have had spay/neuter programs in place for several years, contacted our local shelters and rescue groups looking for cats and kittens they could take to their shelters. These groups were unable to keep up with the demand of cats and kittens in their area.

CARA is asking our community’s help to achieve our long-term goal where our own shelters and rescue groups will be unable to keep up with the demand for all pets. .

CARA has been in existence since 2008 as a 501(c) 3 charity organization..

The past few years CARA’s focus has been to assist other rescue groups and organizations in our area with their low-income spay/neuter programs. We will continue working with local spay/neuter programs, and if necessary will assist with co-payments.

For information about low-cost spay/neuter programs contact the following

• Aberdeen PAWS 533-1141

• North Beach PAWS (North Beach Area)289-4350

• HAVA (Pacific County/South Beach) 942-47716

• CARA ( Grays Harbor)

Karla Kloempken

President, CARA


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