A spectacular view

I no longer see logs.

I started out here on Grays Harbor. My family moved to Coos Bay, Ore., when I was in the seventh grade, and a few years ago my wife and I moved back to retire.

We had many relatives here, so I made many visits over the years. I saw many things change between Junction City and Polson’s camp as those years passed. I remember seeing houses that had slid downhill onto the road into town from Junction City. And the old highway gradually became what it is today. A constant was the view of thousands of logs waiting in the yard across the river.

Now, of course, they aren’t over there, but I continued to see them in something more than my mind’s eye. Those logs were still there for me. When I drive out of Hoquiam toward Humptulips I still see the “Y” where the gas station used to be. It’s no longer a “Y,” but for me it is. The same goes for the wood-clad water pipe that used to run along the side of the road for a way. It’s there for me.

The other day I drove in from Montesano and glanced over to see “my” logs, and they were not there. As I looked over the river, dividing my attention between it and traffic, there was an enormous theme park. It was wonderfully lit up. Huge Ferris wheel and roller coaster formed much of the skyline. The shape of the conveyor belt was mimicked by a structure that I never figured out.

It has all been there ever since. Details are added or noticed each time I see it. Watercraft, large boats or small ships are on the river on the way to or from myriad fascinating locations nearby. Downtown Aberdeen is transformed, busy meeting the needs of the thousands who pass through on the way to the park. It’s quite exciting, really.

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking, “That guy has an amazing imagination!” But that’s the point. I have almost no imagination at all. Suddenly I got switched from seeing the past to seeing the future. At least it is a possible future. Who knows if it is our future. I suppose that is up to us.

I can tell you this. When I got a glimpse of it, I feel wonderful. Take a peek. Maybe you’ll see it too.

Gordon Schnee



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