Still time to block oil

I spent three days meeting people on their way to the Grays Harbor Wildlife Refuge during the Shorebird Festival. From across the country and the world they stopped to see the nesting Great Horned Owls. Most stayed to hear about the crude oil facilities proposed to be constructed in the midst of this natural wonder. The majority could not find a reason, other than money lust, that this folly would be allowed. For some, the outrage then turned to submission. “We can’t stop them. It’s a done deal.”

I refuse to accept that. I am going to trust the Environmental Impact Statement Scoping process where citizens submit their concerns about this issue. People, families and homes are as much a part of the environment as shorebirds and salmon. Tell them how turning our town into an oil port will affect your day-to-day life. You can be heard.

I am going to trust that reason will conquer greed. I am going to celebrate the day that our civic leaders scratch their collective foreheads and declare, “Hey, this isn’t such a good deal after all.” And the Deep Pockets Gang will say, “Dang, those Harborites aren’t the pushovers we thought they were.” They will try to peddle their poison elsewhere and hopefully meet the same vigorous resistance they find here. The deal is not done.

Robin Moore



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