Thank you, socialism

Obamacare, AKA the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is supposed to be the saving grace for all of America. States like Washington that opt into the exchanges of the ACA get five years of federal funds before the money goes away and the states are left to flounder until they surrender sovereignty to the federal government.

My wife applied for Obamacare and instead was put on Medicaid via the ACA exchange. No cost to us, all the cost to you. Thank you. Great socialist system we have here. Except, there is one problem — after calling every doctor in the Aberdeen, Ocean Shores, Hoquiam and immediate surrounding area, all physicians saying that they are accepting new patients won’t take ACA Medicaid patients.

One place said, “Come in, have a series of blood tests and we’ll see about an appointment.”

Apparently, the Medicaid scam is to make up for poor payments to the physician for office visits they are insisting on expensive, in office blood tests, to turn visits into profitable events for them and expensive events for taxpayers. Keep in mind, this was initial visits with the doctor, in fact, it was prior to the visit, so the doctor is going to turn a profit before ever seeing a Medicaid patient under Obamacare, and the everyday working man is paying for this.

Thank you, socialism. Obamacare is reducing healthcare costs because Medicaid patients can’t see doctors, unless the doctor finds a way to screw the system.

Bill Turner

Ocean Shores


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