Timber companies and private property

I suppose John Straka’s comments in regard to Dan Boeholt being short sited and misguided as to the discussion concerning taxing methods for timber companies that charge a trespass fee has validity. However, no matter how one looks at it what Dan has done over the years is to keep a watchful eye on things such as “Eyes in the Woods,” Wild Olympics and trespass fees (permits) and I’m sure there are other areas of interest he has stayed on top of.

Someone has to do it.

As to the controversy over expensive permits being charged by big timber companies, I would suggest, rather than companies closing all gates to entry for any reason, they could take a page from Port Blakely’s program. That is not charging a fee to enter, and leave gates closed to vehicular traffic except for foot, bicycle and horse travel.

I realize that some folks can no longer hike, ride a bike long distances or who may not have a horse to do so will be left out, but that is life. As an example I have enjoyed backpacking for many years in the Olympic National Park and National Forests and now at 82 years old my hiking days are about over. So would it be right for me to lobby to have roads built into the park so I could still enjoy the places I’ve been in the past?

Timber companies should realize that any kind of packable waste, hazardous or otherwise can still be dumped very easily on their property — gates or no gates.

Maybe the biggest problem in all this is the attitude of today’s society.

Dick Bogar



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