Time for elected leaders to speak up

The purpose of this letter is to state my total agreement with the May 3 article written by Doug Barker, the editor of The Daily World.

Not very often do you get a chance to read your exact thoughts, if you had talent enough to put them into words.

Well, Doug did that for me.

Thanks for standing up for our community and addressing the issues that needed to be addressed. I think a big issue that was touched on was “The Port of Grays Harbor seems to have the attitude that it is just a bystander, ceding to land use and environmental regulators, its responsibility as a check and balance to seek industry that’s right for the community”.

If all of the Port Commissioners just said that this is not the type of industry that is right for Grays Harbor, doing their jobs as representatives of their constituents, then a lot of time and money would be saved. And if all of the mayors of the towns on Grays Harbor would have the guts to voice their opinion in opposition to Crude By Rail, for the sake of future generations, this could all be over.

Thanks, Doug for having the guts to stand up for what’s right.

Paul MacLeod



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