Wake up!

If, in the bigger picture here on Earth, we are faced with economic collapse based on oil dependency and water shortage, maybe the Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others of the 1 percent could start using their funds to encourage food production on a local level, start converting saltwater to drinking water and energizing our lives with wind and sun power. Oil, coal and nuclear are polluters.

We over populate and over consume like there is no end. We stay busy following leaders who offer more solutions steeped in “business as usual.” Pay higher taxes, consume more and buy insurance against the coming “doomsday” we’ve created. Leaders want you to stay asleep watching sports, over eating junk food from McDonalds or Walmart, staying overworked at underpaid jobs. Too tired to notice what worker “slaves” to the corrupt system we have become.

We need to get off the Ambian, wake up and start being responsible for our lives. Grow some real food, consume less, recycle, conserve energy and stay healthy so you don’t need the overpriced medical services offered by big business. Demand food labeling free of poisons and out from under the control of chemical companies.

We stand in line to be “fleeced” like sheep, manipulated by our education system, the media and our poorly recorded history to stay in line, focus on survival and not to question why.

Why so many wars? Why masculine warrior consciousness making all the global choices? Why continue the polluting choices of the industrial revolution? Why use the oceans as our garbage dump? Why the global coverup of UFOs and aliens?

To be responsible as a life form on this planet we need to be awake and informed. Just say “no” to oil, coal and nuclear power, gmo’s, big business and war. Say “yes” to freedom, truth and higher consciousness.

Meta Earthling

North River


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