We can do better than oil

To the mayor of the city of Hoquiam. We all know that your city has been hit really hard by the financially tough times here on Grays Harbor.

Well sir, instead of fighting what the people of this county want, by banning marijuana businesses even though Initiative 502 passed by a fairly wide margin, you and the city council are trying to ram this bad idea of shipping oil through our port and putting hundreds of jobs at risk of being wiped out for years with just one accident or mistake. Clearly, the people of Grays Harbor do not want to take the chance to destroy the beautiful, diverse and job producing estuary that we all need, love and will fight to the very end for.

How many people will sue Hoquiam for allowing this when we do have a spill and their job is now gone. Come on people, think about it, we as a community can do far better than bringing an old, outdated fossil fuel shipping facility to the shores of our harbor.

Jackie Wright



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