We should use our best asset

Grays Harbor County is named after its most priceless asset, Grays Harbor. Grays Harbor is at least a day closer from the other side of the Pacific Rim than Seattle, and when it comes to shipping, a day equates to a lot of money.

I grew up in Elma attending K -12 there and then graduated from Grays Harbor College. I am now in Wyoming and watching in bewilderment the opposition to oil on the Harbor. Shouldn’t it be instinct to play the best card in your hand? And when it comes to Grays Harbor’s economy the harbor itself is the royal flush!

Wyoming utilizes its resources and thus, where I live ( Rock Springs/Green River) the equivalent of the mill job on the Harbor is paying mid to high thirties an hour here with great benefits with Fortune 500 companies in the mining and oil and gas industries.

Wake up Grays Harbor, there is only a handful of mills left and they don’t really pay that well. America already feeds the world and we could power the world as well, utilize our assets and don’t be afraid to advance your economy.

I want nothing more than to come home and work, but I’m not willing to leave a good thing for a depressed economy.

Jesse R Millechek

Sheridan, Wyo.


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