Weyco should pay higher taxes on recreational land

This letter is to address the Weyco access passes.

I have heard a lot about the hunters but what about the horseback riders, bicycle people, walkers?

Around my area the bidding war drove the price for a Rayonier access permit to $5,000. Weyco says $150/$200 but a bidding war will drive up prices to where nobody but the city hunters and outfitters can afford a pass.

I just want to ride my horse and not hunt. Pe Ell area sold out in one day so the average person did not get a chance. Employees of Weyco grabbed them as soon as available.

I think if Weyco is going to be in the recreational business they should have to pay the taxes on recreational property not tree farm taxes!

I know if I can’t get access I will not hunt this year. The game department will also lose money.

I am also a disabled hunter.

Sheila Andall



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