What a fiasco

Lately I have read many letters to the Editor concerning the appointment, by the County Commissioners, to replace the retiring Prosecuting Attorney. It is obvious some of these persons have never attended a Democratic meeting. Especially the October one. What a fiasco.

The Constitution says the party may nominate three persons for this appointment. The chairman of the election stood up there grinning like the cat that ate the canary. It was plain to see the choices had already been made. For someone to get up and ask for the nomination placing her as number two on the ballot is ridiculous. Anyone running for the office should want to be number one, or why run at all? As a former appointment and later elected official, I always ran seriously for the number one position. When I was appointed, I was the only qualified person. It was suggested that they nominate two persons that did not want the position to fill the ballot. Omar Youmans, former county commissioner, said how silly it was to waste time voting, when it was obvious the two did not want the position. My name was the only one submitted.

I have been attending the meetings for more than 30 years. The only former elected official who does. Where are all the other former elected officials the party supported? You can bet you won’t see me there again. Why does the Constitution say you can nominate three persons, if the Commissioners have to choose the party’s choice?

The Democrats have already lost two county positions. They better be careful how they conduct themselves.

This has no reflection on the ability of Katie Svoboda to be a great prosecuting attorney. If the meeting had been conducted in a sane manner, she would be one now.

Phyllis Piercey

Former county auditor



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