What’s the problem?

The chairwoman of the Grays Harbor County Republicans must have forgotten how she was appointed last year. The removal and replacement of their newly elected chairman was a sham. The state laws and party process were completely ignored in that appointment process.

The process used by the Grays Harbor County Democrats followed the state constitution exactly the way it was written. It was the Grays Harbor County Commissioners who decided that the list of three did not meet their approval. Instead of appointing the No. 1 candidate, Katie Svoboda, and putting this matter behind them, they choose the costly chaotic approach. Katie has 10 years of experience as a prosecutor and the commissioners themselves said Katie “would make an excellent prosecutor.” So what’s the problem?

Appointing her would end this sort of nonsense, which only hits citizens in the wallet. The last time the commissioners and judges got into a snit, it cost taxpayers $700,000.

I hate to see the local Republicans and county commissioners take their cues from the broken culture of Washington, D.C., where members of Congress see it as a victory to shut things down and fight all day on cable TV while accomplishing nothing for the citizens. Public servants are supposed to serve the public, the citizens back home.

Citizens deserve better. Taxpayers deserve better. And the good people of Grays Harbor can do better than this.

Patrick Wadsworth



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