Where would we be?

I am very appreciative of all of the articles on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Thursday’s newspaper. It brings back many memories for me as it was my 24th birthday.

I remember taking the call from the wife of one of our engineers while working for NW Central Engineering at Rayonier. “President Kennedy has been shot” she told me before I passed the call through.

In shock, I called home as my son’s dad, Roy Brown, was Democrat County Chairman and had been on graveyard shift at the Weyerhaeuser pulp mill. He answered right away, telling me The Daily World had already woke him for a comment.

It was a tough few days ahead — he still went to work each day while I had those days of mourning off.

A lot of tears were shed those four days watching the news of what happened and then the funeral. I still think of them every year as I’m sure many do who had birthdays or anniversaries on that day.

A group of us from Aberdeen were privileged to have heard JFK speak at Cheney Stadium when he ran for election the summer of 1960. What an outstanding speaker and the stadium was packed! You could see that security even then was very tight. They really didn’t blend with their suits and, though not seen, weapons.

I often wonder where we would be today had history not taken the turn it did.

Janice Roberts



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