Why didn’t Montesano and Elma cooperate on a shared stadium?

As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. That was the mantra I followed when the notion of an $8.4 million stadium complex came for the Elma School District.

As a homeowner living in the Elma School District, I have been reluctant to express my views on the levy, but perhaps I should; maybe my views are similar to the others who also voted no.

I have two kids in high school; anyone with children knows how much it costs to raise them. I have a mortgage, along with all of the other costly necessities that go along with keeping a home. My husband and I work hard to ensure that our family enjoys the basics — clothes, food, running vehicles (with gas!), and an occasional movie. We don’t live extravagantly by any means, and I am guessing that our family is not so different from those others who voted no.

I want my kids to get a good education. I want them to become productive members of society. I want them to have the opportunity to go to college.

That stadium will not assist in any of these achievements.

If the school had proposed an $8.4 million levy to enhance educational opportunities for the children in the district, I would have really thought long and hard about that one; I may have even voted yes.

I have enjoyed attending Elma football games at Davis Field over the years. On the rare occasions when the school allowed the high school girls’ varsity soccer team to play on the field, I attended those too.

The harsh reality is the football team does not lend to a large amount of scholarship opportunities for the boys who play. Furthermore, I am perplexed as to why Elma did not “jump on the bandwagon” and build a stadium in conjunction with Montesano, in order to save money. Olympia high schools did this, and have been sharing the stadiums over the years with coordinated scheduling.

$8.4 million is too much money for a stadium, and it is something that we homeowners cannot afford.

Vicki Anensen-McNealley



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