Why the foot dragging on voter-approved weed?

While everyone’s attention has recently been focused on Malaysia 370, we in Washington State have our own missing flight mystery, and I am wondering why no one — no one! — is paying the slightest attention to it, even though there are eerie parallels between it and 370.

I am referring to Flight I-502, which started off on time from Olympia with planned landings in each of the state’s counties, flew for a while and then completely disappeared from the radar. Has anyone heard anything from the Liquor Control Board about cannabis licenses? I checked the list of 2,726 applications for all three tiers, and so far only four licenses have been issued, on a tier 3 in Spokane and three tier 2 (in King, Kitsap and Pierce counties even though Pierce refuses to grant local licenses of any kind). So, what we have is one retail location, in Spokane, and two processing locations but nothing to process or sell. What do these people think they are, the FED? Do they think they’re going to be processing and selling phantom weed, like the FED’s phantom dollars? And why is a board that licenses toxins (like alcohol) in charge of licensing cannabis? Do these people have the foggiest idea what they’re doing? Has someone told them to drag their heels? Have the people on the board been sampling too much of the product and have become couchlocks? How about some investigative reporting by some news organization — hint, hint — to give us some information on what in going on with Flight I-502?

I see from a recent Daily World article that the Grays Harbor County commissioners have approved zoning for cannabis sale locations. How wonderful, but do they realize that at the rate of one license a week, it’s going to take 52 years or so to process current applications, by which time downtown Aberdeen will be well under water, and the town will have to re-locate above Sam Benn Beach? I have seen some reports saying that retail sales would begin in late Spring (June?) or some time in the Summer, but frankly, if any sale is made in 2014 or even 2015 or 2016, I’ll eat my shoes. I rather think that Hillary Clinton will have finished up her two terms and be writing her memoirs before legal cannabis is made in Washington State.

D. Kelly



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