Words you don't want to hear: "Let them burn out"

In reading your front page article on the most recent oil train derailment and explosion, I couldn’t help but notice the absence of a few key words. “Steep hill” “62 mph” and “foul play suspected” were nowhere to be seen.

This particular Genesee and Wyoming train was 90 cars, which is smaller than the Port is desirous of running through our communities.


I don’t know how many locomotives and accompanying engineers it takes to keep one of these bad boys on the tracks, but the correct answer seems to be more than “two.”

Also disconcerting is the repeated tendency to let these all too frequent derailment/explosions “burn out.” Do you think the railroads enjoy all the bad press these incidents create and want to sustain it as long as possible? Or is the “let them burn out” option the only one viable? Of course they would put them out immediately if they could.

If one or more of these rolling bombs were to jump track in our county the fire would burn just as hot, citizens.

Let me ask you this — are there railroad tracks near your house, job, or children’s school?

We have been assured by a victorious Chuck Caldwell that crude by rail is completely safe and a really good idea for Grays Harbor County. And apparently, 70 percent of you agree with him.

Never mind. Sorry I brought it up.

Richard Pennant



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