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Education bill abandons rural schools

Decisions on school finance in the next legislative session could dramatically hurt Grays Harbor schools. The leading proposal provides more state salary allocations to urban areas than rural schools and allows urban schools far greater levy resources.

Larson supporters

Like many people in Aberdeen who think it is time for a change, We’re voting for Erik Larson to be our next mayor. Erik was born and raised in our city, left town for a college education at WSU and returned here to make it his home. Erik is an engineer for a local company and has been very deeply involved in the community, attending council meetings and volunteering around the community. Erik is very smart on the issues that affect us, has new common sense ideas to bring jobs back to town and most importantly, works respectfully with others and listens.

Chilman for Monte school board

I would like to bring to your attention the race for Montesano School District 66 Director District 3. I recommend your vote for Crystal Chilman. This is a nonpartisan office, so it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican.

Samuel supporter

I’ve lived in Montesano my whole life and really care about my hometown. We have been in the news way too much in the last few years. I don’t like having friends and family from around the state asking me, “What’s up with Montesano?” after seeing a television news story about one issue after another going on in our little town. Monte has been portrayed negatively in the news way too many times in the last few years. As I see it, many of the issues have risen to the level of newsworthy because of poor communication and lack of good management at the administrative level in city hall. Morale among many city workers is low. Trust in city hall by many residents and business owners is low.

Micheau for mayor

Our ballots have arrived, and we have purposely voted for Jack Micheau for mayor of Aberdeen. The office of mayor has never been an entry level position, nor should it be. Jack Micheau has come up through the ranks and is ably prepared to assume the weighty responsibilities of our town’s chief executive officer.

No on I-1401

Although the Initiative 1401 appears well-intentioned as stated on the ballot, to criminalize the “selling, purchasing, trading, or distributing certain animal species threatened with extinction or products containing such species,” it contains provisions that are far more sinister. With few exceptions, this 16-page initiative will ban legal transactions (sales, trades, rentals and more) if the transaction involves a product containing elephant ivory or any prohibited animal part – even if the item was legally crafted decades ago, was legally acquired and has been legally possessed. In particular, I-1401, would exempt only those items that are more than 100 years old, contain less than 15 percent ivory or other parts of endangered species, and must have paperwork to prove it. Section 3(2)(a).

Paling supporter

There are many reasons why I throw my support behind Councilman Doug Paling, Ward 2. For one, I take pride in Aberdeen. We are in the middle of transforming Aberdeen into a great city. Mr. Paling, for the last 14 years as a councilman, has taken pride in helping in this transformation.

Pinnick supporter

Vision, integrity and leadership — these are the characteristics we should be looking for in our elected officials and no one personifies these characteristics more than Port Commissioner Stan Pinnick.