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In praise of public servants

The Aug. 18, Daily World carried a story headlined “Organizers question intent of camper’s arrest.” One of our police officers observed a person thought to be a wanted felon in an outdoor place, confirmed that the man was wanted for arrest, and the police department arrested the man. There was no evil plot here, it was professional policing. This is what we want our police officers to do; to protect and serve. They do it very well and we should thank them for their service. When I say thank them for their service, I don’t mean just pertaining to one arrest that was illustrated in a newspaper article, but for all of the selfless and professional service they give to our communities, seen and unseen.

History we don’t want to repeat

In the mid 1970s, due to the initiative of a city official, the City of Aberdeen changed the three-lane configuration on Wishkah Street to two lanes. Needless to say, chaos and congestion ensued. The three-lane configuration was restored after one week.

Supports Dingler for mayor

Crystal Dingler is my choice for mayor of Ocean Shores. I choose to vote for her because she is capable, committed, connected, and has demonstrated that she can do the job well, plus she has the desire to “re-up” for another four-year term.

Margin of safety is thin

I am new to this area, so at the risk of sounding redundant, I’d like to address the problem with railroad tankers in general that are carrying crude oil every day and will be here unless we do more to stop it.

Visitor center

Recently in The Daily World there were pros and cons concerning the location of a tourist center in Aberdeen. It was suggested to be at the now vacant Pourhouse Tavern, and I think it should.

Support the D&R

I have never been much of a concertgoer because they are typically too loud, too crowded and too much hassle. However, I love going to the D&R Theatre in Aberdeen. Recently, at the America concert, we got to see internationally famous talent up close and personal. Awesome show!

Food Ball 2.0

Coastal Harvest would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Hoquiam and Aberdeen graduating classes of 1995 for their outstanding support via Food Ball 2.0! Their challenge brought in much needed funds so that we could continue our work in feeding the hungry.

Just stop

It was interesting to read the arguments for and against funding abortion. There is a great alternative to saving the millions taxpayers have been giving to Planned Parenthood. A proposal that would end this funding and this debate that is gaining support all around America is the Birth at Conception Act. This law would make every abortion, murder as the child is alive as soon as he or she is conceived. This seems to be so meaningful as it is only stating what has always been true.

Wrong way lanes

There will probably be a worsening of the bottleneck situations on Wishkah and Heron when they are reduced to two lanes each in the future. I base this prediction on my experience as a police administrator in Everett and on similar moves by a small city in California where I lived at the time.

Dedicated service

The Pacific County Fire District No. 5 Commissioners would like to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to Rick Wilcox and Chief Jim Hart for their dedication and service to the department. Both are retiring after 25 years of unselfish service to the public of Fire District 5.

Don’t take your voter registration status for granted

I received a ballot today — my wife did not, even after years of voting in every election possible on Grays Harbor. She called the county Auditor’s Office to find out why and was told she had been removed from the voter rolls “by the computer” because her name was a duplicate. The individual at the Auditor’s Office checked and could not find a “duplicate.” My wife drove to Montesano today to re-register and obtain a ballot.

Concerned for kids

It makes me sad to see the Lutheran church has allowed a homeless camp to set up in close proximity to the Raindrop Preschool at the other end of the block. My daughter taught there for many years, and she had the pleasure of working with the parents who thought their children were safe being there. I am concerned that safety no longer exists.

Not too late to block oil projects

Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney is either uninformed or is simply engaging in jiggery pokery. In the July 7 Daily World article highlighting his candidacy for mayor of Hoquiam, he says in reference to the crude oil terminals, “Once somebody applies for a permit, they’re in. As far as going through the process, you can’t block it.”