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Grays Harbor mayor’s prayer breakfast

The last two years I have been privileged to serve as the co-chair of the Governor’s prayer breakfast in Olympia. This is an event that has been happening since 1941, when then Gov. Langley instituted the first one. Washington was the first state ever to do this.

Gender pay gap doesn’t hold up under scrutiny

T knew eventually this day would come, a day when a journalist in a mainstream publication would have enough courage to write a piece exposing the wage gap myth for the lie that it is despite the overwhelming de facto left-wing censorship that is political correctness. The piece I’m referring to is, “The persistent myth of the gender wage gap and what’s behind it” written by Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Cynthia M. Allen and appearing in

Thank-you letters

We were shopping at Wal-Mart March 25 for memorial services items, explaining to the cashier that my son-in-law had passed away from brain cancer. A wonderful person behind us named “Chris” offered to pay for our entire purchase!

Hoquiam EMS levy

Each year for the past several years, the Hoquiam Fire Department has experienced a steady increase in emergency calls. 2015 was no exception as we received over 3,000 calls for help. Of these, 2,835 were requests for an ambulance.

Cats in need

Throughout this winter HAVA (Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals) took in many adult and teenage cats that lost their forever home for reasons that had nothing to do with the kitties themselves — whether it was health issues with the owner, owner needing to relocate, elderly owner passed away, etc. These are well-adjusted cats, but moving from a loving home into a shelter can be scary when they don’t understand what’s going on. They struggle to adapt to the shelter, and don’t show well because of that. We are desperately trying to find good homes for these cats. They range in age from one to eight years. We also have a couple of seniors that are more than 10 years old in foster homes.

Zero isn’t sensible

Recently, I attended a meeting in Westport. The Pacific Fishery Management Council — a regional government entity that, in this state, is basically controlled by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife — was seeking public comment on its plans to set salmon-fishing limits for the rest of this year.

Messy highways

Our Washington highways are the garbage dumps of the Pacific Northwest! Just take a ride on any of our roads and you will see what I am talking about. This is disgraceful. Something needs to be done about this.

Heads in the sand

Once again, the Hoquiam City Council is taking up the issue of E-Verify in regard to the letting of contracts to do thinning and planting in the Hoquiam Watershed. At present, there is only one contractor willing to comply and, of course, is demanding a premium price.

Principle vs. risk

I agree with County Commissioner Wes Cormier that the timber companies should not get tax breaks if they don’t share the forest. I voted with Wes to implement the ordinance with the hope that the timber companies would come to the table and agree to fees similar to a Discovery Pass for state parks. They did not and filed a lawsuit against Grays Harbor County.

Hiding behind bureaucrats

The state’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) has made an administrative rule that opens public bathrooms and locker rooms to people of either gender. Reaction has been intense. Some Washingtonians consider the rule a critical victory for transgender people. Others consider it radical social engineering that’s already produced unintended consequences.

Check the Constitution

Concerning the recent comments, by the Republican Party hierarchy, it only makes sense that the public and voters should know what the Constitution of the United States says about the nomination and appointment of a Supreme Court Judge.

Thanks from St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s School would like to extend a deep and sincere “thank you” to the Grays Harbor community and beyond, for the prayers, donations, thoughts and support that they have received after the catastrophic flood displaced them in late January.