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Just vote

Ocean Shores is at the last of its borrowing power due to the re-financing of the Convention Center. This puts us back in financial trouble again.

Friday night memories in Elma

I’m writing to ardently support the campaign for construction of a new stadium in Elma. While I haven’t received my mail in Grays Harbor County for many years, I carry a deep sense of pride and connection to Elma as my home. Much of that pride comes from the powerful experiences I had playing in front of passionate fans at Davis Field.

HAVA needs help

The Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA) has had an amazing few years. Last year we helped more than 400 animals (and people) in Pacific and Grays Harbor counties — a record. We also spent more than we ever have — more than $104,000, mostly on veterinarian expenses.

The Cornells

A big thank you to Beverly and Joe Cornell, Making a Difference for Grays Harbor Kids. Your generous donations of pencils, crayons, glue sticks and notebooks for our Stevens kids is so appreciated!

Political correctness

A refreshing movement is sweeping our country. The political insiders, political strategists, elected and former elected representatives are being soundly rejected. Both political parties are being rejected by the majority of citizens. It’s refreshing to see new “non-politically correct” people moving to the top of the polls.

Samuel supporter

After a great deal of consideration I have changed out the election sign in my yard from what I allowed to be placed there four years ago. I am following up that decision by writing this letter of support for Montesano Mayoral Candidate Vini Samuel.

Military flyovers are too much

Imagine. It’s 2 a.m., 100-150 feet above your house, four military helicopters buzzing. It is summer and grandchildren sleeping outside are scared. Helicopters taking evasive action to avoid hitting trees that are 100 feet to 200 feet tall. Wildlife, eagles, flocks of geese and ducks being spooked and diverted by military helicopters.

In praise of public servants

The Aug. 18, Daily World carried a story headlined “Organizers question intent of camper’s arrest.” One of our police officers observed a person thought to be a wanted felon in an outdoor place, confirmed that the man was wanted for arrest, and the police department arrested the man. There was no evil plot here, it was professional policing. This is what we want our police officers to do; to protect and serve. They do it very well and we should thank them for their service. When I say thank them for their service, I don’t mean just pertaining to one arrest that was illustrated in a newspaper article, but for all of the selfless and professional service they give to our communities, seen and unseen.

History we don’t want to repeat

In the mid 1970s, due to the initiative of a city official, the City of Aberdeen changed the three-lane configuration on Wishkah Street to two lanes. Needless to say, chaos and congestion ensued. The three-lane configuration was restored after one week.

Supports Dingler for mayor

Crystal Dingler is my choice for mayor of Ocean Shores. I choose to vote for her because she is capable, committed, connected, and has demonstrated that she can do the job well, plus she has the desire to “re-up” for another four-year term.

Margin of safety is thin

I am new to this area, so at the risk of sounding redundant, I’d like to address the problem with railroad tankers in general that are carrying crude oil every day and will be here unless we do more to stop it.