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No on hospital

The Grays Harbor Community Hospital levy proposal is so poorly written that for the first time in 30 years as a registered voter I am voting against a vital services levy.

Risk of a failing hospital too great; vote “Yes”

First my disclaimer. I’m Tom Quigg, a real estate broker in Grays Harbor for over 20 years.. The communications officer for Grays Harbor Community Hospital is David Quigg. He is the son of my first cousin. I looked it up, and according to two sources we are “first cousins, once removed.” We don’t socialize and have never discussed hospital operations.

It was a spotless Fifth

The morning following the Fourth of July “Splash” at Morrison park, I stopped at Top Foods to get a cup of coffee and a copy of The Seattle Times . I always go over to the park to enjoy my reading and coffee moment.

Library system likely to work out a deal on tax cap

A recent article in The Daily World mentioned that the Timberland Regional Library budget could experience major impact if Grays Harbor County voters approve a new hospital district. A more likely scenario based on RCW 39.67.010 is that TRL would seek to negotiate with the City of Hoquiam to lessen the financial impact and protect the library’s resources.

Commissioners misguided on access fees

Is Grays Harbor going to cut off its nose to spite its face? Do the county commissioners really think they can “force” Weyerhauser to keep their land open? This is private land — they can close the gates at any time. They are no different than any other private landowner.

Change? Not this time

I worked in Victim Advocacy Services in Pacific County beginning in 1999 until very recently. I have worked with many — I estimate more than 12 — deputy prosecutors, give or take a few, during that time.

At tank farms, no need for big employee parking lots

In the Saturday, June 28, issue of The Daily World , Mark Reisman asks us to “measure the risk and find a way to make oil work here.” He builds his argument on the foundation that the Harbor’s “economic and social decline” will be reversed through capital investment in “the oil transportation opportunity.” That foundation is as unstable as the mud flats where the oil storage tanks are to be built.

McCleary needs less expensive policing option

As a resident of McCleary for more than 65 years, I have seen a lot of changes, good and bad, in our city. The community support of our good citizens has brought a tear of joy to my eyes many times. But these times we now are experiencing are very heavy on my heart.

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Do it yourself chalet rescue

I have been reading about the Enchanted Valley Chalet that is in danger of falling into the river due to the river moving closer to the chalet over the years. We made the 13-mile hike about 62 years ago from the Graves Creek Campground up to the chalet and slept overnight in our sleeping bags. It was truly an “enchanted” trip, which I have treasured all my adult life. The big trout we caught from the river was exciting, and they fried up nice over our campfire.

Smothered in rules

The amount of federal regulations have more than tripled in the last 50 years to stay in current strides with the government’s growth. What have we gotten? Well, first of all, a national debt of $17.5 trillion, over 40 million American adults on stress and anxiety medication, according to Natural and a dwindling reputation around the world to be compared to a toothless tiger.

Say “no” to crude oil

The recent headlines from Virginia about a crude oil train derailing, catching fire and losing some of its oil into the James River has prompted me to write this letter to the editor.

We should use our best asset

Grays Harbor County is named after its most priceless asset, Grays Harbor. Grays Harbor is at least a day closer from the other side of the Pacific Rim than Seattle, and when it comes to shipping, a day equates to a lot of money.

Wonderful care

The family of Warren “Max” Carter would like to express a thank you to all who helped and cared for him when he passed away, March 2: The Hoquiam Ambulance Service, the fine doctors at Grays Harbor Community Hospital and Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Aberdeen Eagles, Rhonda Morris and crew for catering at the memorial service, JDean Carter, David Banner and the Aqua Notes for singing at the memorial and Coleman Mortuary. We appreciated all the love from our family and friends.

Support appreciated

The family of David B. Davis would like to take this time to thank Dr. Troeh, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, the Critical Care Unit, Aberdeen Fire Department, Wishkah Valley Fire Department, and friends and family who brought food, cards, flowers and donations and those attending the service for David.

“Music by the Sea” a success

The board, staff, and volunteers of Coastal Harvest wish to express our appreciation to the auction donors and event attendees of our recent “Music By the Sea” benefit. A special thanks goes to our major sponsors, the Dennis Company and the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. We continue to deliver millions of pounds of food annually to over 50 food banks, senior centers and feeding programs throughout Southwest Washington, at no cost to the recipients. The support of the communities we serve enables us to go forward in our mission to assist those who are food insecure. The need is great, your help is vital. Thank you for all the assistance that has been offered. For more information on our non-profit organization, or to make a donation, call 532-6315, write to Coastal Harvest, Box 616, Hoquiam, Wa. 98550, or visit our website at .