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Education for everyone

I have been optimistically viewing the State of Washington’s education process. Unfortunately, our tuition rates for higher education have been increasing. The funding process does not meet constitutional standards. The Washington State Supreme Court has now indicated in recent cases that the State of Washington has failed to meet the funding mandate.

Wolf costumes?

Religion has always been an issue in this nation. Some see it as good, some see it as bad. I am a Jesus freak — yes I said it, but I have a few words for the flock that follows the cross, “Quit biting each other!”

Kuhn needs your help

As a former Miss Grays Harbor, my heart was born and raised in Aberdeen and I’d love to have the support of our area on the way to Miss America. I’d like to let everyone on the Harbor know about a few exciting ways to help me on the road to Miss America.

Amazing people and police

This is a letter for the kind people who came to help after my little dog was viciously attacked by two pitbulls near the Post Office here in Aberdeen in August. I’m sorry to not have gotten your names, but I so appreciate and want to thank them: to the people in a car who called the police; the woman who brought me a clean towel to wrap him in; the woman who came forward as a witness to this; and the man who contacted the vet, drove us to get a ride, and offered us a ride to Olympia if needed.

War is senseless

I am ashamed that our government and news media continue to support Israel in its genocide against the Palestinians. How many bloody civilian women and children does it take to bring shame on Israelis?

Voters, think for yourselves

It has been said that critical thinking by the electorate is dead. People are expected to make their voting choices by colorful signs, slick flyers and name recognition. There is no room for substantive content on a sign. Flyers are most often a collection of empty buzz phrases such as ” Jobs! Leadership! Independent!” And a rose by any other name still needs to be pruned.

Robin Williams, a gift who gave

Recently the nation and the world lost a comic genius — Robin Williams. It seems as word traveled around the globe we all seemed to walk a smaller pace. By that, I mean the news media was not focusing on Gaza, Iran, Iraq or the breakout of ebola. It appeared the television media was covering the life and accomplishments of Robin Williams.

Mayors back Vickie Raines

One of the things we love about Grays Harbor is our small, tight-knit community. We recognize that working together toward our common goals of creating strong, vibrant communities benefits each of our individual cities as well as the county as a whole. We know teamwork makes each community stronger.

Contests and Promotions

Auto Racing Challenge
Pick your drivers!

High cost of hunting

My husband, Leonard, and I have enjoyed the fishing and hunting here in the state of Washington. We are 73 and 74 years of age and I am disabled. This is an important food source for us.

Not if, but when

I grew up in Aberdeen and Hoquiam and graduated from Hoquiam High School. I now live in Vancouver, Wash. where I am protesting with many other Vancouver residents against a proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

Grateful family

The family of Kenneth C. Ask would like to take this time to thank you, Dr. Givens, Dr. Troeh, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, the Critical Care Unit, the Hoquiam and Aberdeen fire departments, and friends and family who sent cards, flowers and donations, and those who attended the services for Ken.

Commissioner weights in

On Monday, May 19, I presented to the Board of County Commissioners a resolution on oil safety for transportation and environmental impacts. The resolution did not pass, as the other two commissioners did not agree. I respect their views on this issue but am concerned that if we are not the voice for the people, who is? How are the federal agencies and railroad supposed to know our concerns? Our leaders in Olympia and Washington, D.C. will only know our concerns if we are able to voice them.

Speak up

Driving down I-5 recently, I saw miles and miles of railroad cars parked on tracks bordering the highway. They appeared to be empty, maybe lumber cars, but my mind jumped to the indelible, horrific picture of a town destroyed by exploding, fiery crude-oil tank-cars! Since that event in Lake Megantic, when a crude oil train rolled into town and wiped out its center, it has become nearly impossible to see a tank-car and not remember. Nearly 50 of its citizens died that night, incinerated by the blast.


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