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Jerry Lowe — Sport fishermen already getting enough

In 1995 and again in 1999, the voters of Washington state rejected initiatives favoring the sport fishing industry. Now, once again, these same selfish folks are trying to take our salmon away. This time under the veneer of conservation rhetoric and with the support of state Rep. Liz Pike, we now have a bill introduced in the Legislature that would effectively put our salmon into the hands of the privileged few.

If you haven’t been there, you don’t know

This letter is prompted by hearing local people say, “Not all of the homeless are druggies or alcoholics — they deserve our help.” They imply that addicts do NOT deserve help due to their addictions. Please remember that many of the people on drugs, including those who are addicted to alcohol, are self-medicating because they have no access to real medical help and/or no other source of comfort in their very bleak lives. They may have another condition like PTSD or depression that makes them more likely to reach for these substances than most people would.

Joggers and Trotters thankful

We wish to thank all those who attended and contributed to our recent fundraiser. Along with donations and desserts from team members, we received donations of gift certificates, baskets, merchandise, the ingredients for the chili feed and potato bar and monetary donations from local Montesano and Grays Harbor businesses and individuals. We also would like to thank the radio stations and newspapers for advertising our event.

Contests and Promotions

Fred Meyer - New Lower Prices
Fred Meyer - New Lower Prices
Enter Daily to Win

Brighter bridge

Regarding painting the Simpson Avenue bridge: Why would the city want to paint the bridge gray? Isn’t Hoquiam too gray already? Why not take this opportunity to improve the appearance of at least one aspect of the city.

Love and support

The family of Jack Waite would like to thank all of those who helped with the reception — the Hoquiam Elks and volunteers, Grays Harbor Poggie Club, all friends and family who brought food and desserts, all who donated to the Poggie Club Scholarship and those who sent flowers.

Baun family thankful

The family of Ross Baun would like to thank Sheriff Scott Johnson and the Pacific County Deputies, the kayakers who found him, Stoller’s Mortuary, the search volunteers, the donations from community merchants, the Abundant Life Church and the community itself.

Generosity and kindness

On behalf of my family I wish to thank everyone for their generosity and kindness in this life changing event on Jan. 5. There are not enough words to express our gratitude. For Julia and Lonnie for sharing their home and always being there for us. All the neighbors who came to help us to recover some of our things and a big thank you for all the guys who helped to get the safe off of my husband. He’s back to work. Mr. Dave and his wife for the temporary housing. The United Methodist Church of Montesano and Hoquiam for their contribution in helping us. Also Mike and Alyson Fleary, Rhonda Graves, Todd and Kathy Graeber, Freddy Boy and anyone I may have forgotten their was so many people. We felt a genuine concern from all our family friends, neighbors and even strangers. We thank everyone for their prayers.

Home Depot helped

We would like to thank the crew from Home Depot for their help during the flood cleanup. They came to our house on Saturday, Jan. 10, and removed damaged material from our property. We can’t even express our gratitude for their assistance during our time of need. We didn’t get everyone’s name, but to Kevin Finger, Lacy, Jenny from H.R., Doug Remen, Gig Harbor, Chad Hill, Tumwater, and Alan Bowles from Lacey for installing a new hot water tank provided by the Lacey store. Also other crew members that we didn’t get names from. Thank you so much.


Responding to the latest torture report and calls for accountability, President Obama says that “we must look forward not backward.” As a test of how broadly he is willing to apply his “forward looking,” will he not look forward and dismiss charges against Edward Snowden and allow him to return from exile in Russia, or does his looking forward vision only apply to presidents and other public officials?

Why not you?

The 2015 election season is nearing, I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m not completely satisfied with the entire group of current office holders.