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Education bill abandons rural schools

Decisions on school finance in the next legislative session could dramatically hurt Grays Harbor schools. The leading proposal provides more state salary allocations to urban areas than rural schools and allows urban schools far greater levy resources.

Larson supporters

Like many people in Aberdeen who think it is time for a change, We’re voting for Erik Larson to be our next mayor. Erik was born and raised in our city, left town for a college education at WSU and returned here to make it his home. Erik is an engineer for a local company and has been very deeply involved in the community, attending council meetings and volunteering around the community. Erik is very smart on the issues that affect us, has new common sense ideas to bring jobs back to town and most importantly, works respectfully with others and listens.

12-person council

This is in response to The Daily World’s questions and answers about issues to candidates for Hoquiam City Council positions. In the newspaper dated Oct. 7, 2015, Paul McMillan was asked if he favors a 12-person council. He responded that he does favor a 12-member council. He went on to say that the council did discuss a 7-member council in the past but when two public meetings were held only one person attended and both citizens didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. He said they found it to be a non-issue.

Building community

I will vote yes for the Elma Stadium because I am a parent and community member who believes it is what’s best for our community. A stadium will help bookend our community with a hospital on the east end and a stadium on the west end.

Just vote

Ocean Shores is at the last of its borrowing power due to the re-financing of the Convention Center. This puts us back in financial trouble again.

Friday night memories in Elma

I’m writing to ardently support the campaign for construction of a new stadium in Elma. While I haven’t received my mail in Grays Harbor County for many years, I carry a deep sense of pride and connection to Elma as my home. Much of that pride comes from the powerful experiences I had playing in front of passionate fans at Davis Field.

HAVA needs help

The Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA) has had an amazing few years. Last year we helped more than 400 animals (and people) in Pacific and Grays Harbor counties — a record. We also spent more than we ever have — more than $104,000, mostly on veterinarian expenses.