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I stand in firm agreement with Edith Higginbotham in her Jan. 21 letter stating numerous after-effects of abortion. However, one very important element was omitted from her timely discussion — or have individual rights encompassed all.

Support spay/neuter programs

Those of us involved with animal rescue and adoption in Grays Harbor, Mason, and Pacific counties know that it truly takes a village to work toward our common goal of “No More Homeless Pets!” February is National Spay-Neuter Awareness Month and a perfect time to showcase the statistics of how many pets and free-roaming animals were altered in 2015 and give thanks for the tireless efforts of these groups and volunteers.

It’s the environmentalists’ fault

I hope the Grays Harbor Commissioners think very carefully before making an agreement with the timber companies because whatever comes out of this will not only impact Grays Harbor County but will probably snowball across the state. Talking with an official of Rayonier timber at last year’s Grays Harbor Sportsman Show, he stated one of the reasons for the access fees was to recoup some of the losses brought on by all the extra expense of environmental rules closing down a lot of production land, I believe that is true with all the large timber companies and even private landowners.


In a time where the political class shies away from controversial decisions and opts for the expedient ones, Hoquiam City Council’s recent vote on E-Verify is a breath of fresh air.

Support schools

Aberdeen voters have an important task at hand, as ballots arrive in the mail for the maintenance and operations levy. There is nothing more important than ensuring that our children receive the best quality education possible. This measure, as in previous years, is a hold-the-line-levy, with no increase over the one approved by voters two years ago.

Support schools

Aberdeen and Hoquiam voters have a tremendous responsibility right now, to mark their ballots in support of the school levies being proposed by both school districts. In my professional and personal life, I see daily how important these levy funds are to our schools and our communities, but most importantly to our kids.

Vote “yes” for schools

Nothing is more important for our community than quality schools. On behalf of the businesses and organizations represented by Greater Grays Harbor Inc., we want to encourage voters to mark and mail ballots by Feb. 9.

The meaning of life

We talk much in medicine about the end of life. We try to predict when it will end (prognosis). We explore ways to prevent death (treatment). We look to comfort those in their last days (palliation).

Vote for schools

During my 30 years in education, the citizens of Aberdeen have generously supported the school levies. I appreciated the support from the community knowing the programs in place for the education of our children would continue. As a parent, it was amazing knowing our community believed in our schools and supported the education of my children. Now, my grandchildren are attending schools in Aberdeen at the grade school, junior high and high school levels. The education of our children and the programs that enrich and support their education are more important than ever.

The Bart Simpson Party

This is a sequel to a letter I wrote and The Daily World printed in 1992, an election year in which Bill Clinton defeated incumbent President George H.W. Bush. “I think we should start the BS Party. Bart Simpson of course …” “Why not run Bart against George? That would at least make it entertaining” summarizes my message in that letter.


Once again we are going to Olympia to the largest demonstration of its kind to remind our legislators that many of us out here believe that life is to be valued and that abortion kills children and hurts women! We now have plenty of information about the damage abortion does to women. The research is done, the facts are in. Women are hurt every day by this barbaric practice. Just ask the women of “Silent No More.”

Education bill abandons rural schools

Decisions on school finance in the next legislative session could dramatically hurt Grays Harbor schools. The leading proposal provides more state salary allocations to urban areas than rural schools and allows urban schools far greater levy resources.

Larson supporters

Like many people in Aberdeen who think it is time for a change, We’re voting for Erik Larson to be our next mayor. Erik was born and raised in our city, left town for a college education at WSU and returned here to make it his home. Erik is an engineer for a local company and has been very deeply involved in the community, attending council meetings and volunteering around the community. Erik is very smart on the issues that affect us, has new common sense ideas to bring jobs back to town and most importantly, works respectfully with others and listens.

Chilman for Monte school board

I would like to bring to your attention the race for Montesano School District 66 Director District 3. I recommend your vote for Crystal Chilman. This is a nonpartisan office, so it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican.