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Risks far outweigh any benefit from proposed oil terminals in Grays Harbor

More than 500 people testified last fall at two public hearings about crude oil terminals proposed at the Port of Grays Harbor. More than 90,000 submitted written comments on a draft environmental study, the vast majority calling on local and state officials to deny permits for the terminals. They pose too many risks and costs to our communities, the health and safety of our families and our regional economy.

It’s time for a little common sense

I believe the current county commissioners have forgotten what their election determined they should do. They were not elected to run the Auditor’s office, The Sheriff’s office, the Treasurer’s office or the Assessor’s office. They are supposed to balance the budget and make the decisions under their supervision. All the county officials are elected by the voters to care for their part of government. I see no reason to nitpick the decisions of the other officials.