It’s time for a little common sense

I believe the current county commissioners have forgotten what their election determined they should do. They were not elected to run the Auditor’s office, The Sheriff’s office, the Treasurer’s office or the Assessor’s office. They are supposed to balance the budget and make the decisions under their supervision. All the county officials are elected by the voters to care for their part of government. I see no reason to nitpick the decisions of the other officials.

Due to inexperience, Rick Hole did not ask for all the funds granted by the state to change the system to do four times what his predecessors did. He is supposed to re-evaluate all properties in the county every year rather than every four years, as was previously done. He was asked to do this without the funds to expand the personnel in his office.

There are many types of software and many others being created every day. Rick believes he is on the right track but needs the funds being withheld by the commissioners because they believe another way is better. Rick was elected to run this office, not the county commissioners, and should have the right to make these decisions. If he is wrong, he has to live with the results. If he is right, he believes he can save a lot of money and handle the re-evaluations efficiently to the benefit of the taxpayers. I believe he should be given the money that was granted to him and the county commissioners should mind their own business.

Before Rick came to the county government, he was a successful business manager for Ocean Spray and helped save the jobs of the workers at Markham. Ocean Spray was in the process of closing down the Markham plant. Rick and his employees worked together, made great savings and convinced the company to not only keep the office but expand it to the production of Craisins, a very popular use of cranberries.

While we are on the subject of the commissioners, I don’t think they should decide for the Democrats what they should be thinking. The rules say they can pick three candidates, which they did. They also told the commissioners which one they preferred. Apparently Frank Gordon thinks he knows better than the PCO’s what they should think. Since they were required to submit three names, they nominated two more outstanding leaders who never intended to replace such an outstanding candidate as Katie Svoboda. I request they quit playing games and let her manage what Steward Menefee left to her. The commissioners are creating a mess because of their indecision.

Stew knows more about this office than all three of the commissioners put together! Why not take his advice?

Thank you for the opportunity to hopefully bring some light and common sense to these decisions.

Fred Rapp lives in Elma.


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