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Clinton should look to RFK

I know the Democratic nominee has a lot on her mind as she prepares to accept her party’s coronation. But as she hones her theme for the Clinton-for-president general election campaign, I suggest she look for inspiration from the White House bid of half a century ago by a Democrat she says she adores.

Russia’s finger on the campaign scale

As a lifelong Republican, I don’t much care who runs the Democratic National Committee. But I am deeply disturbed by the way that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign as the DNC head over the weekend. WikiLeaks released 20,000 stolen emails revealing a clear, if unsurprising, preference for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders among Democratic officials. This appears to be a foreign intervention in American politics — and it may only be the beginning.

Doyle McManus: Hillary Clinton’s three big convention challenges

Donald Trump made one part of Hillary Clinton’s job easier last week — by making the braggadocios claim that he alone can cure the nation’s ills, a boast that sounded more like a promise of one-man rule. But Clinton faces three other big challenges at her convention in Philadelphia this week, and they won’t be as easy as painting Trump as a dangerous blowhard.

Christine Flowers: I’m a conservative and the RNC was a horror

As Heidi Cruz left Cleveland’s Quicken Loans arena after her husband, Ted, gave his stemwinder at the Republican National Convention, she was escorted by security through a hostile crowd. Apparently, people in the audience were annoyed that Cruz hadn’t endorsed Donald “I Call Him Lyin’ Ted” Trump. They couldn’t believe that the Texan actually gave his national audience permission to vote their conscience. They were in shock he didn’t bring gold, frankincense and myrrh with him to the podium as a gift.

Gordon and Smith

Local politics, indeed all politics, is a lot like Game of Thrones, the long-running TV series that never fails to reflect the best and the worst in those who would be leaders of their people. Personality, style, transparency of motives and methods, become as evident in real life politics as they do in the make-believe world.

Doyle McManus — After Nice, it’s official: The campaign’s about fear

Last week’s terrorist attack in Nice, after similar tragedies in Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando and Istanbul, made two things painfully clear. Western societies, including the United States, have failed to blunt the growing threat of Islamist terrorism. And that means the 2016 presidential campaign will be fought under a shadow of fear. There will be more attacks between now and November; the only questions are when and where.

Christine Flowers: Ryan offers hope for future of once-great Grand Old Party

I watched Paul Ryan’s town hall on CNN this week for a number of reasons, not the least of which is my slight (OK, significant) crush on the House speaker. He is a decade younger than I am, and more geek chic than GQ, but I still have a button that says, “I Heart Paul” from his ill-fated run as Mitt Romney’s vice president, which I wear when I want to annoy the liberals at Starbucks.

Jay Ambrose: Stopping the war on cops

There’s a virtual war on cops. It has been ginned up by grotesquely distorted accusations of anti-black police racism, and the tragic irony is that a thoroughly denounced, less proactively aggressive police force has resulted in more murderous misery in already beaten-up black neighborhoods.

After Dallas, tribal politics as usual

A white cop shoots and kills an unthreatening black man at point-blank range during a traffic stop, and liberal activists demonize law enforcement. A black sniper executes five officers from one of the most reform-minded police departments in the country, and conservative commentators demonize the Black Lives Matter movement.