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In a time where the political class shies away from controversial decisions and opts for the expedient ones, Hoquiam City Council’s recent vote on E-Verify is a breath of fresh air.

Support schools

Aberdeen voters have an important task at hand, as ballots arrive in the mail for the maintenance and operations levy. There is nothing more important than ensuring that our children receive the best quality education possible. This measure, as in previous years, is a hold-the-line-levy, with no increase over the one approved by voters two years ago.

Support schools

Aberdeen and Hoquiam voters have a tremendous responsibility right now, to mark their ballots in support of the school levies being proposed by both school districts. In my professional and personal life, I see daily how important these levy funds are to our schools and our communities, but most importantly to our kids.

Commentary — Ruling out senility on the bench

In a law review article I wrote 15 years ago about cognitive decline on the U.S. Supreme Court, I predicted that, in the coming years, no one would take action to mitigate the problem. Instead, another half a dozen mentally decrepit justices would join “the roster of jurists who harmed their court and hurt their own reputations by remaining on the bench too long.”

Doyle McManus — Donald Trump’s women problem

Improbably but relentlessly, Donald Trump is marching toward the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Polls suggest that he may pull off a surprise win in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. He’s an even stronger frontrunner in New Hampshire and other primary states. And last week, he showed that it’s possible to win a debate by not showing up.

The ‘hothouse’ economy

This year is starting off with the worst performance of stocks in decades. It has many analysts wondering exactly what’s driving it and, more importantly, whether there’s an end in sight.

Vote “yes” for schools

Nothing is more important for our community than quality schools. On behalf of the businesses and organizations represented by Greater Grays Harbor Inc., we want to encourage voters to mark and mail ballots by Feb. 9.


With the information we have it looks like now the homeless are going to be getting new homes. This is all well and good but where are these containers going to be placed? Where are they going to use the generators? How are they going to be getting the power and money to run them?

Dan K. Thomasson: The NCAA cannot be morally justified

I didn’t like the late Walter Byers, the man who single handedly created the modern National Collegiate Athletic Association. Many decades ago he misused my university to solidify his power and make it clear his word was law. It was an outrageous abuse of his authority and I wondered why Indiana, an original member of the Big Ten, had accepted it at such a high cost.

Are the Oregon occupiers ‘terrorists’?

After an armed group drew attention to an Oregon land-use dispute by seizing a building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge onSaturday, the government’s reaction seemed almost low-key. The White House called the protest “a local law enforcement matter” andsaid the Federal Bureau of Investigation was merely “monitoring the situation and offering support.” Although the police haven’trevealed much about their plans, it looks as though they’re willing to wait out the occupiers rather than charge in with guns blazing.


I would like to agree with Mr. Fred Thurman on the points he made in his Jan. 6 letter to the editor, “Where’s the Lumber?”