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Federal regulations: America’s hidden tax

Last year, Americans paid nearly $1.4 trillion in federal individual income taxes _ plus sales taxes, fuel taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, you name it. Yet, there’s another tax that doesn’t show up on any receipt: the cost of federal regulation.

Jim Walsh — The secret to growth on the Harbor

The City of Aberdeen has begun changing the lanes on several major streets in its downtown area. This process has caused some controversy. The streets are being repainted so that they have fewer lanes for moving cars and more room for parking and riding bikes. Some local merchants like the changes because they believe they’ll make stopping and shopping easier. Other citizens argue that the changes will make traffic congestion worse.

Supporting Dingler

The upcoming election is an important one for the Ocean Shores citizens. The economy is on the upswing and we are moving forward economically. We want to keep that momentum going.

Military flyovers are too much

Imagine. It’s 2 a.m., 100-150 feet above your house, four military helicopters buzzing. It is summer and grandchildren sleeping outside are scared. Helicopters taking evasive action to avoid hitting trees that are 100 feet to 200 feet tall. Wildlife, eagles, flocks of geese and ducks being spooked and diverted by military helicopters.

In praise of public servants

The Aug. 18, Daily World carried a story headlined “Organizers question intent of camper’s arrest.” One of our police officers observed a person thought to be a wanted felon in an outdoor place, confirmed that the man was wanted for arrest, and the police department arrested the man. There was no evil plot here, it was professional policing. This is what we want our police officers to do; to protect and serve. They do it very well and we should thank them for their service. When I say thank them for their service, I don’t mean just pertaining to one arrest that was illustrated in a newspaper article, but for all of the selfless and professional service they give to our communities, seen and unseen.

History we don’t want to repeat

In the mid 1970s, due to the initiative of a city official, the City of Aberdeen changed the three-lane configuration on Wishkah Street to two lanes. Needless to say, chaos and congestion ensued. The three-lane configuration was restored after one week.

Supports Dingler for mayor

Crystal Dingler is my choice for mayor of Ocean Shores. I choose to vote for her because she is capable, committed, connected, and has demonstrated that she can do the job well, plus she has the desire to “re-up” for another four-year term.

Dedicated service

The Pacific County Fire District No. 5 Commissioners would like to express their sincere thanks and gratitude to Rick Wilcox and Chief Jim Hart for their dedication and service to the department. Both are retiring after 25 years of unselfish service to the public of Fire District 5.

Good job Scouts

I would like to take this opportunity to give a “Good Job” to the Hoquiam Boy Scouts, troop 100. I hope their car wash on Saturday, July 11 was a great success, rain and all. They did a fantastic job. I felt guilty bringing in my dirty car and would have been very happy with a quick once over. My car had a 20 minute makeover! Can’t remember it being to clean. Thanks guys!! The parents were pretty great too.

Festival a success

We wish to thank The Daily World and their excellent reporter Kellie Benz for the outstanding article announcing Lily Lane Farm’s Daylily Days. The festival was a huge success, due in a great part to the World’s article. Thanks to all the vendors and attendees and we look forward to 2016 and a bigger and better Daylily Days festival.

The Cascadia earthquake and tsunami — what are we to do?

The articles recently presented in “The New Yorker Magazine” by Kathryn Schulz, “The Really Big One,” (July 20, 2015) and “How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes,” (July 28, 2015), have caused a tremendous amount of discussion throughout the nation. For the most part, her information is right on the mark as to what could occur during a Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and resulting tsunami. However, while understanding her wish to channel her article’s “emotion into action,” it is apparent Ms. Schulz neglected to report on specific types of mitigation, prevention and safety plans which are in place in all coastal communities, to provide citizens and visitors the best chance of surviving an earthquake and possible tsunami.

Prosecutor’s Office

As I read the headline and subsequent article on July 29 in The Daily World regarding the rape charges being dismissed against a Lewis-McChord service member due to the inability of the Prosecutor’s Office to provide evidence correctly and in a timely manner, I am reminded of a letter submitted by the Honorable Judge Gordon Godfrey during last year’s election.