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Moving forward

I would like to thank Randy Ross for declaring his candidacy for the County Commission seat now held by Frank Gordon. Grays Harbor County needs a person with his intelligence, integrity and maturity. Grays Harbor County government is a big business not a school playground and it’s time for the voters of Grays Harbor to take a step in moving forward.

Will Durst — How many turkeys died for your dinner?

We’ve spent such a large portion of the past year cringing at the prospect of potential disasters crouching behind every bush: ISIS, Putin, Trump, Belicheck, lion-killing dentists, that a national holiday right about now is a blessed respite. For one 24-hour period, the whole country can focus on something benign. Unless, you’re a Black Friday shopper. But those are self-inflicted injuries.

Harold Jackson: Lords and ladies rule in America, too

Remember feudalism? Of course you don’t. That medieval system of lords and ladies, serfs and vassals disappeared hundreds of years before any of us were born. But I am reminded of feudalism, which I learned about in high school, by the oversized influence that a handful of rich families have gained in America today. Consider the huge sums of money they have been pouring into the process to select this country’s next president.

Education bill abandons rural schools

Decisions on school finance in the next legislative session could dramatically hurt Grays Harbor schools. The leading proposal provides more state salary allocations to urban areas than rural schools and allows urban schools far greater levy resources.

Larson supporters

Like many people in Aberdeen who think it is time for a change, We’re voting for Erik Larson to be our next mayor. Erik was born and raised in our city, left town for a college education at WSU and returned here to make it his home. Erik is an engineer for a local company and has been very deeply involved in the community, attending council meetings and volunteering around the community. Erik is very smart on the issues that affect us, has new common sense ideas to bring jobs back to town and most importantly, works respectfully with others and listens.