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No on hospital

The Grays Harbor Community Hospital levy proposal is so poorly written that for the first time in 30 years as a registered voter I am voting against a vital services levy.

Risk of a failing hospital too great; vote “Yes”

First my disclaimer. I’m Tom Quigg, a real estate broker in Grays Harbor for over 20 years.. The communications officer for Grays Harbor Community Hospital is David Quigg. He is the son of my first cousin. I looked it up, and according to two sources we are “first cousins, once removed.” We don’t socialize and have never discussed hospital operations.

It was a spotless Fifth

The morning following the Fourth of July “Splash” at Morrison park, I stopped at Top Foods to get a cup of coffee and a copy of The Seattle Times . I always go over to the park to enjoy my reading and coffee moment.

Library system likely to work out a deal on tax cap

A recent article in The Daily World mentioned that the Timberland Regional Library budget could experience major impact if Grays Harbor County voters approve a new hospital district. A more likely scenario based on RCW 39.67.010 is that TRL would seek to negotiate with the City of Hoquiam to lessen the financial impact and protect the library’s resources.

Commissioners misguided on access fees

Is Grays Harbor going to cut off its nose to spite its face? Do the county commissioners really think they can “force” Weyerhauser to keep their land open? This is private land — they can close the gates at any time. They are no different than any other private landowner.

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John Delaney — Giving states a way to reduce emissions

This week the Environmental Protection Agency will take an important step in addressing the ever-increasing threat of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions when it releases new guidelines under the authority of the Clean Air Act. These guidelines will apply to existing power plants, which produce more than a third of the United States’ greenhouse gases.

Grateful family

The family of Kenneth C. Ask would like to take this time to thank you, Dr. Givens, Dr. Troeh, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, the Critical Care Unit, the Hoquiam and Aberdeen fire departments, and friends and family who sent cards, flowers and donations, and those who attended the services for Ken.

Commissioner weights in

On Monday, May 19, I presented to the Board of County Commissioners a resolution on oil safety for transportation and environmental impacts. The resolution did not pass, as the other two commissioners did not agree. I respect their views on this issue but am concerned that if we are not the voice for the people, who is? How are the federal agencies and railroad supposed to know our concerns? Our leaders in Olympia and Washington, D.C. will only know our concerns if we are able to voice them.

Speak up

Driving down I-5 recently, I saw miles and miles of railroad cars parked on tracks bordering the highway. They appeared to be empty, maybe lumber cars, but my mind jumped to the indelible, horrific picture of a town destroyed by exploding, fiery crude-oil tank-cars! Since that event in Lake Megantic, when a crude oil train rolled into town and wiped out its center, it has become nearly impossible to see a tank-car and not remember. Nearly 50 of its citizens died that night, incinerated by the blast.


RSVP is a national volunteer program linking the skills and experience of older adults with community needs. Our goal is to help people 55 and over find fulfilling volunteer opportunities at local nonprofits in our community.

Fire district commissioners tell their side of things

Recently, there have been a couple of front page articles in The Daily World that question the honesty and integrity of Grays Harbor Fire District No. 8. Claims were made by the City of Hoquiam administrators and the articles in question arose from aggressively-worded interviews with those administrators. These claims are unprofessional and untrue. Certain statements were made regarding comments allegedly made by GH Fire District No. 8 Chief John Collum. These statements are also unprofessional and untrue.

Trains and crude oil are too often an accident waiting to happen

The fiery derailment in Virginia recently of a train transporting oil was the latest in a series of alarming accidents involving oil transport in North America in the last year. In 2013, more oil spilled from U.S. trains than in the previous four decades combined _ and that doesn’t include a Canadian spill that incinerated the downtown core of Lac-Megantic in Quebec last year, killing 47.