Births for Saturday

Community Hospital

To Erica Schlesser, Montesano, May 10, a daughter, Tierney Rae’Lynn.

To Ashley Miller and Richard Smith, Aberdeen, May 18, a daughter, Kaitlalyn-Ann Beth.

To Ashley Roose and Shawn Ball, Aberdeen, May 20, a son, Killian Rogue.

To Brianna Pifer and Jeff Wolf, Hoquiam, May 23, a daughter, Serafina Leighann.

To Ashley Gibb and Matthew Bullock, Hoquiam, May 25, a daughter, Kelsey Marie.

To Julie and Eric Haugan, Raymond, May 29, a son, Zephyr Tad.

Capital Medical Center

To Jamie Miller and Jack Cotey, Montesano, May 13, a son, Jack Gerald Jr.

To Misty and Joseph Tolentino, McCleary, May 14, a son, Jaxon Xy.

To Misty Louis and Jason Raynes, McCleary, May 17, a son, Connor Lane.

To Danielle and Dale Rowekamp, Montesano, May 20, twin daughters, Chloe Grace and Hadassah Joy.