Check digital coupons to get full value

I am bargain shopper and avid coupon clipper. I clip manufacturers’ coupons for a range of items from cereal and pistachios to toilet paper and shampoo. I’m not a couponer who dwindles my grocery bill to only a few bucks or has shelves loaded with 20 bottles of ketchup, but, over the years, I’ve saved considerably.

So, I share ways to save or a shopping tip. And my tips aren’t all coupon-related. I’ll offer suggestions on how to shop with sizes in mind as well as ways to make the most out of stocked meats and other food items. It’s not a savings if you don’t use that food and have to toss it out.


Watch your digital coupons carefully. At most stores, digital coupons are not doubled. And, at checkout, they are often recognized before any manufacturers’ coupons you may have.

So, if you have a manufacturer’s coupon that would double, most likely you won’t be able to use it unless you have the transaction rung up again. And, yes, I have asked the cashier to ring it up again to get the most out of my coupons.