Faces of Faith — Let’s not lose the meaning of Christmas

Advent prepares us for Christmas

As I write this tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have very much to be thankful for. But the overriding message being hammered home by the media is the annual madness of the beginning of the Christmas shopping season “Black Friday.” But wait, that’s not soon enough, lets open the stores on Thanksgiving evening, who cares about family time, let’s get out there and spend some money. I worry that the true meaning of Christmas may be on its way to being lost forever. The church in its infinite wisdom is trying to push back the tide of secularism in the 4 weeks prior to Christmas with the season called Advent.

We as followers of our lord Jesus Christ are called to prepare ourselves, our families, our lives for two things. One is the coming of Jesus Christ — again.

Have you stopped to think about that lately and just what that might mean? Advent calls us to do that. Secondly we are called to prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It allows him to be born again in our souls. I also think Advent is a time to slow down, a time to enjoy and experience what is truly important in our lives. As I pause to think of my wife, children, grandchildren and Praise God great grandchildren. I think of the blessings of my Church family, friends, neighbors, colleagues — all priceless gifts!

I can’t remember a Christmas gift that has truly made a difference in my life other than that of family and friends. So I am praying that you will go to church during the four Sundays of Advent and prepare yourself for Christmas. Make room for sanity and holiness in your preparation for this most holy and blessed day — Christmas.

Have a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Father Dale McQueen is from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.