Faces of Faith — Sunday school

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” These words, learned in a Sunday school more than 60 years ago, comfort and support me today. Sunday school put a strong foundation down upon which my life was built. Love, respect, right and wrong, a Judeo-Christian work ethic, morality, Ten Commandments, responsibility — the blessings go on and on.

Sunday schools across Grays Harbor in churches staffed by God’s people are beginning this month. With all the passion and energy I have, I encourage and implore parents, grandparents, families and friends to gather up the children of the Harbor and take them to a church Sunday school.

We live in such a complex, challenging and difficult environment. Our lives are so busy and even more so for our children: school, sports, social media, texts, tweets, and I believe some think their smart phones connect them with a god named Google!

I grieve for many of our children, who think they have all the answers when they don’t even know the questions. As they search for meaning in their lives, alcohol and drugs provide fleeting and devastating answers. There is only one answer, one perfect plan for our lives and that is Jesus Christ, Who was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I invite you; plead with you, beg you, to give our children the ultimate gift—a loving church family and the strong foundation of a Sunday school education, and hope for blessed, God filled futures. Run, don’t walk, to the church of your choosing; the Harbor is full of holy ones. And I invite you to St Andrews in Aberdeen. Sunday school begins at 9:30 am. Come as you are, everyone is welcome.

Fr. Dale McQueen is pastor at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Aberdeen.