Faces of Faith — Spiritual Growth Technology Fair Sept. 28

Immanuel Baptist Church is pleased to host a Spiritual Growth Technology Fair, “There’s An App for That,” from 5 to 9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 28. Sponsoring churches include Cornerstone Community, Grays Harbor Foursquare, Harbor Calvary Chapel, Light and Life Community, and River of Life. There is so much new technology available to enhance our spiritual growth we want to share with you. Help for your daily prayer life, Bible readings, devotional reading, Christian music, listening to sermons, parenting helps, counseling sites with great topics, children’s section, evangelism and apologetics, protecting your family from technology’s misuse, etc.

The evening is designed to be very practical and hands on. People will hosts stations concerning certain areas of interest and walk you through how the material works. You can watch them and then do it yourself. They will be there to show you how the program works and other applications it may have. Techline is going to have a booth to teach people how to use their smart phones, to set up an app, to be there to ask questions. Even if you don’t have a computer or you have one, but use it very seldom you will benefit from this night.

The time frame may seem a bit long, but it is a come and go event with lots of information to take in. Childcare is provided. You will be greeted with a resource guide: websites, suggested software, and apps for various uses, you can take this home. There will also be a guide to the evening’s schedule and where different sections will be located.

We have two very special presentations that will be made for all. Dr. Gene Getz will be with us to demonstrate his new study Bible, The Life Essentials Study Bible. Two years ago, Dr. Getz completed this seven-year project; the first multi media study Bible. In this study Bible, you simply swipe your smart phone over a QR code and there you find Dr. Getz teaching on one of 1,500 life principles he focuses on from God’s Word. In addition, Nate Mace, of Logos Software will be a guest presenter. Logos Software is among the industry leaders of Bible software, used to help promote our spiritual growth. Having Logos with us is a huge blessing. What is exciting is that this is the only church they know that has ever done something like this! So join us to be a part of a first.

Dr. Getz will also be preaching at Immanuel Baptist Church on Sunday, Sept. 29, at 10:45 a.m and 6 p.m. Dr. Getz has authored over 60 books and continues an active world wide ministry on the mission field, pastors’ conferences, a daily radio program, etc. His book, Sharpening the Focus on the Church, was one of the most influential books in shaping the culture of the church during the last quarter of the 20th century. Recognizing the position of influence God has placed on Dr. Getz, IBC is happy to host a pastor and wives/lay leaders and spouses luncheon at noon on Monday, Sept. 30th. Here Dr. Getz will share a bit of his perspective of the current condition and needs of the church in America from his perspective and then have a Q and A time open to all. Immanuel Baptist Church is located at 1200 Soule Ave in Hoquiam. For more information call 533-2012. Check out “There’s an App for That”: Spiritual Growth Technology Fair at Facebook to spread the word.

Kent Gravley is the pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Hoquiam.