Nailing it Down — Your stuff: Clean it up, sell it or give it away

There’s nothing like warmer weather to make you want to shed your heavy winter clothes and there’s even something about the spring that makes us want to live “lighter.”

Perhaps that’s why spring cleaning is such a longtime tradition.


Now that we’re having longer days, we have more time — and usually a little more energy — to take a look at what we have around our home and environs and start making some decisions.

For most of us, piles or stacks of things in our garages, basements and attics — and sometimes even in our houses — are evidence of a decision deferred.

Now’s the time to start thinking: “Will I really get to that project? Is this something I can use or will someone else make better use of this? What do I have that I can make some money from? What here just needs to be thrown away?


Garage Sale — If you find you have all sorts of different kinds of things that you’d like to sell — from household goods, tools and toys to clothes, pots and pans and baby items, it might just be time to gather them all together for a garage sale.

Better yet, why not connect with some of your neighbors, set a date, tell all your friends on Facebook, buy an ad and put up some signs and have a large, neighborhood sale. Not only will you sell a few things, you’ll likely get to know your neighbors better.

Classified Ads — Classified ads in one of our local newspapers (including this one!) are still a great way to let people know of your garage sale. They’re also a great place to list just a few big-ticket items and then just skip the sale.

Sell your cast-off metal — As we mentioned last week, metal prices are high right now. If you have scrap metal, gather it up and take to a local metal recycler. You’ll leave with a little money in your pocket and a tidier yard!

2Good2Toss — This website is another great way to sell something of value. The website offers a place to list items you have to sell as well as find items you are looking for. There are also free items listed.

The purpose of this is to redirect usable goods to new owners who can appreciate them and keep them out of the landfill.

Maybe you’ll even see something in the “wanted” section that you didn’t think anyone needed and you can give away or sell that extra wig, stroller, dresser, bathtub, gate, swing set, clothes or bike to someone who is looking for just what you have.


Perhaps you don’t really need the extra money — or time spent — trying to sell your treasures, but have items that you know others could use. Then donating to one of the many nonprofit organizations on the Harbor is probably your ticket.

Each charity has a different set of things that they’re willing to take, so give them a call if you’re in doubt.

But many, many items are accepted by local charities such as the Union Gospel Mission, the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the Habitat for Humanity Store and many more.

While the Habitat for Humanity Store at the SouthShore Mall, won’t take clothing or bedding, it does take some things that many of the other charities don’t – like building supplies. So, if you have lumber, nails, flooring, carpet, tile, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, etc., that you no longer need, here’s a great place to donate. And, like several of the charities on the Harbor, they’ll even pick up items.

Give them a call at (360) 612-3516 to find out if what you have to give is something they can use.


As you are doing your spring cleaning, perhaps planning for a garage sale, a trip to a charity to donate or heading to the dump, think in terms of your neighbors.

Just one phone call to an elderly or disabled neighbor, or even just another busy parent, could be a godsend to them.

If you can help transport items or share dump fees, it’ll take a load off their mind and might even give you a better view.


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