New products make yoga on the go a breeze


Yoga always starts in the same place – on the mat. Gaiam sells several mats; however, the Gaiam Sol Bhatki Ultra-Light Yoga Mat is by far the most convenient. While the mat is not as easy to use outdoors (you can feel grass through it), it functions just as a normal mat would indoors. The Gaiam Sol Bhatki Ultralite Rubber Mat costs $39.99.


Hot yoga classes are all the rage, but what happens when you have sweaty hands and feet? Slip-proof towels, like the Thirsty Yoga Mat towel from Gaiam solve this problem. The towel, which is large enough to cover a standard yoga mat not only prevents slips, but provides an extra cushion on the mat. The Thirsty Yoga Mat towel costs $24.99.


Most yogis, especially beginners, benefit from using a block to aid in reaching some more difficult poses. While foam blocks work fine, a sturdier block is more ideal because it will not slip around easily. The size and shape of a regular yoga brick, the cork yoga brick is special because it is sturdy but it has give, unlike foam and wood blocks. Made of all natural materials, the Cork Yoga Brick costs $14.98.


There are about a million ways to carry your mat. For those who want something that is not bulky, the Easy Cinch Yoga Sling is great. It is simply an adjustable strap with two loops to hold your mat. The straps adjust to fit mats of any size or shape, which is perfect for those who alternate between mat thicknesses. Not to mention, they come in pretty colors like plum and light turquoise. The Easy Cinch Yoga Sling costs $9.98.