Bill Ransom Snapshot

Bill Ransom

Education: Washington State University, University of Puget Sound. Earned his bachelor’s degrees in sociology and English education from the University of Washington.

Other work: Centrum, a Port Townsend-based non-profit focusing on arts education and supporting artists. It supports young artist programs as well. “We wanted students who were a problem in class because all they would do was draw. So we’ll take ‘em for a week,” Ransom said. Online:

Family: Daughter, Hali, three grandchildren.

Favorite fishing spot: “Ha. Like I’d tell you.”

Favorite catch: Salmon

Favorite book: “That changes all the time, of course.” Science writer Mary Roach (“Stiff,” “Gulp”) is a favorite.

Pets: Three cats. Lulu, who was adopted from his daughter, and One and Two. “I found them in the post office parking lot starving to death. I was not going to get attached to them, so I didn’t name them. So I thought they’d be One and Two until I gave them away. They’re still here” three years later, Ransom said.