Durney Snapshot

Jack Durney

Education: 1966 graduate of Hoquiam High School, 1968 graduate of Grays Harbor College, and a 1970 graduate in political science at the University of Washington.

Family: He and wife Sue Ann have a blended family of four children — Jennifer Durney Hogarty, Patrick Durney, Anneliese Johannes Flansburg, and Vaughn Johannes — and two grandchildren, Kaila and Kylie Hogarty.

Career: President of Durney Agency, Inc. which has been in the insurance business in Hoquiam since 1945. The independent agency has partnerships with 38 insurance companies, and it specializes in contractors, restaurants, loggers, long-haul turcking, retail and a number of service and non-profit business. Mayor of Aberdeen in the late 1970s to the early 1980s; Mayor of Hoquiam from 2004 to the present.

Favorite books: He’s a fan of the author Robert B. Parker and his detective character, Spenser. “Other than that my reading interests tend to be magazines. Lately, I have discovered how to download a book onto my iPad and it is easier to read that than to actually read a book. If I’m holding a book in bed or in a chair, I tend to fall asleep.”

Favorite movies: Sparked by the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey,” Durney and his stepson, Vaughn, recently talked about extraterrestrials and other civilizations having contact with humans on earth. “I told him 2001 is about that… A superior civilization getting in contact with what we had here on earth and man evolving into something better.” He added “Patton”to the list, too.