Greeley snapshot

Nick and Tara Greeley

BACKGROUND: Nick, 39, grew up in Aberdeen and Tara, 37, was raised in Sunnyside. They met while teenagers at a Bible school in Arizona. They both graduated from the nursing program at Peninsula Community College in Port Angeles and worked at Community Hospital in Aberdeen.

COFFEES: Tara likes the Nicaraguan roast and anything with chocolate tones. She also likes the Yemen Mocha. Nick says there are at least eight ways to make coffee at the shop: drip, espresso, vacuum pot, French press, aeropress, cold press, sock pot or what is known as a Clever Coffee Dripper.

TECHNIQUE: Nick starts on a smaller, sample roaster, sitting next to it through the whole roast. “Some people roast by the color of the bean, some people roast by the smell, by the smoke it’s putting off,” Nick said. “I roast by the sound the coffee makes.”

LOCATION: Tinderbox Coffee Roasters, 101 N. Montesano St., Westport: (360) 612-0555.

ONLINE: Visit Tinderbox on Facebook at or at