Joe German snapshot

Joe German

Age: 37

Family: Shannon, wife; Kyla, 4, daughter

Occupation: Manager, Cowlitz Clean Sweep, an industrial environmental cleaning and emergency response company in Aberdeen

Titles: 2011 Grays Harbor Raceway season champion, USRA modified division. German, in his fourth year in the division, is leading the points standings in 2012

Car: 75x (2009 Sky Rocket chassis)

Crew: Sam Carlisle, Jason Valencia, Bill Carter, Charlie Carter and Cameron Ross.

Sponsors: CCS, Powertrain Applications, Wishkah Iron Works, Masco Petroleum, Oszman Services, IDS, K&D Enterprises, the German family

Any parallels between running Cowlitz Clean Sweep and driving a race car?: “Quite a bit,” German said. “I go around and put out fires. That’s what I do during the day. Racing is the same way. When you are at the track, something is always popping up wrong on the car that you have to fix or re-do in an emergency. So, yeah, they go hand-in-hand with what I do during the day.”

Favorite race car driver: Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR driver