Lisa Humbyrd snapshot

Lisa Humbyrd

Age: 41

Family: Father Lonnie; mother Vicki; sister Krysty; fiancé Mike Murphy

On the quality of her work: “The name is the guarantee. The things that I’m building now are the same things that my father was building 25 to 30 years ago because they’re just that good. There’s no need to change the designs. It’s pretty much as good as it could get,” she said.

Inspiration: Commercial diver and shrimp net-maker Cathy Peek, who used to live in Westport. “She has worked in the fishing industry for so long and been so successful. She showed me I could do that also i f I had the right attitude about it,” said Humbyrd.

Number of tattoos: No idea. She has them all over.

On domestic life: “I don’t cook at all. I have tried and it’s not a pretty scene,” she said. “At my house, cooking is men’s work and welding is women’s work.”

To see her designs: Log on to and type “Lisa Humbyrd” into the search box.