Profile Snapshot - Jean Kyle

Jean Kyle

Family: Two children, Carol and Dick Harjoi; husband, Dr. Henry Kyle, deceased.

Lives: Retired in Ocean Shores. Spent six months a year in Eagle, Alaska, for more than 25 years as a shopkeeper, tour guide, historian and traveler. Kyle conducted a three-hour walking tour of Eagle, which focused on the community’s Gold Rush history and origins.

Originally From: Hoboken, New Jersey. At 21, Kyle left home to join the Navy as a corpsman in World War II. She was stationed at Marine Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego before she moved to the Northwest and settled in Sumner. She attends local Veteran’s Day ceremonies every year.

Volunteers: When she’s able to, Kyle volunteers at the Coastal Interpretive Center in Ocean Shores, North Beach PAWS and the Museum of the North Beach. Kyle says she just “pinch-hits” when there is a need to come in and she adopts older dogs so that they “can have a good life at the end of their lives.”

Favorite Movie: “The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell.” Kyle is a fan of Gen. Billy Mitchell, who helped set up the Washington Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph system in Alaska in the early 1900s and is considered the father of the U.S. Air Force. “It is an old movie, but it is very true,” Kyle said. “(The movie) showed how stupid our (military) brass was. He was a man beyond his time.”