Wayne Ross Snapshot

Wayne Ross

Age: 63.

Family: Three older sisters — Ardath, Lynne and Cherry — and older brother, John. Oldest brother, Ray, died at age 13. “My dad, Ray, died, at 93. My mom, Lois, died at 92. Her brother died at 103 and her sister will be 100 in April. Hopefully, that (longevity) will rub off on me.”

Hobbies: “I don’t really have any hobbies but sports. I like to go to Rock ‘n’ Roll oldies concerts. I have many albums and love to listen to the Beatles, whom I saw play in Seattle in 1966 for $5.75. I love warm weather and do not hesitate playing in Arizona in 100-degree weather. I enjoy golfing with my sister, Ardath, and her husband, Richard, and my sister Cherry and her husband, Dave.

Favorite college or pro teams: Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Dodgers, Huskies and Arizona State University.

Things he likes most about high school sports: “I like to watch teams play as a team; the life lessons that kids can learn from sports; being with coaches and administrators who really care about the program along with the successes of the players; the many different athletes, coaches and officials I have gotten to know. It also, in a certain way, sort of keeps you young and involved. I like sports because it expresses your behavior, what kind of a competitor you are and how you take winning and losing.”

Things he likes least about high school sports: “There are too many reasons not to be at practice. Kids seem to not know the game as they should and then don’t take advice how to play the game. Some players are very uncoachable. A lot of parents who have tunnel vision only see their son or daughter and think they should play all the time. I do not like the three-man referee system for basketball. I think a two-man system is much better, because they call the game, not an area. When did carrying the ball change? That and hopping when you receive the ball is not the way to play basketball. The jury is still out whether I like the 3-point shot. I think it creates more of an individual game.”