Q&A: Lorna Valdez, volunteer information

ANIMAL SHIFTS Do a cat or dog shift during the week by yourself or with a partner. Morning shift: 8 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Afternoon shift: 4 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Shifts depend on how many animals are at the shelter. Call Lorna Valdez at 360-289-2924, and we will send you an application! Email, fax or snail mail or pick up at my office. Applications are also available at the shelter.

GARAGE SALE Volunteer for a few hours between 10 a.m.-1p.m. or 1 p.m.-4 p.m., or all day if you wish, on Saturdays, when we have a garage sale from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. You can work in the house, or over at the barn. Both have merchandise for sale. That’s really fun! You get to meet a lot of people, work with other volunteers and play with the animals. You can also help with arranging and pricing merchandise. Please call Joy Broughton at 360-591-4830 if you are interested in doing that.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS Volunteer at a booth at the Convention Center during festivals like the Sand & Sawdust Festival, Razor Clam Festival or The Arts & Crafts Festival, or help with the Woofathon at a City Park. Help procure items for our annual Dinner Dance/Auction held in the fall. Call Sharon Dahlbeck at 589-2570 for more information on how you can help.

COLLECT ALUMINUM CANS at various state parks, hotels, businesses and residences. Please call Molly High at 360-500-7893 for more information. Aluminum beverage cans are recycled for our low-income spay/neuter fund.

ASSIST Animal Coordinators with medical transport to the veterinarian, intakes and adoptions, grooming, dog walks during the middle of the day, or just get a key to come and love the dogs or kitties any time you feel like it during the day. They need all of the love they can get! We have a freedom fenced area, where the dogs can run ‘free” and chase balls or play with each other and interact with the volunteers and prospective adoptive parents. The cats run free, too in their bedrooms, and also have nice large enclosures with clean bedding and lots of toys to play with. We have one outdoor cat enclosure at this time.

SPAY/NEUTER CLINICS Assist Stacy Steele and her staff, working with other PAWS Volunteers at one of our four Spay/Neuter Clinics for low-income families, held at the Ocean Shores Animal Hospital. Two are in the spring and two in the fall each year. About 8-10 volunteers are needed to gently coax the animals out of their anesthesia following surgery, ensure their recovery and tend to their needs. Lots of TLC is needed, and it’s very rewarding. A huge part of our mission is getting animals spayed and neutered to cut down on the overpopulation of animals, who often end up homeless, dying of starvation or worse yet euthanized in overcrowded shelters.

PICK UP DONATIONS Assist our pick-up crew on an on-call basis, as we have donations needing to be picked up at homes or businesses throughout the week. Most pick-ups are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays during the day, and can include household items, appliances and furniture. These items go into our garage sale, which is our bread and butter and pays the monthly mortgage on the shelter property. We have several trailers available for volunteers to use. Please call LeRoy Mosher at 360-940-7378 if you would like to assist in doing that.

DISTRIBUTE FLIERS & BROCHURES throughout the community for various upcoming fundraising events and activities. Call Debby Valdez at 289-0586 for more info.

PICK UP MONEY FROM DONATION CANS located in Ocean Shores and North Beach. Usually done every other month.

BE A FOSTER PARENT We are always in desperate need of loving foster homes for animals during times when we are full at the shelter. Our shelter is small. Often, new puppies or kittens need special care. We will provide the food and veterinary care needed for each animal. All you have to do is provide the love. Cats must be keep indoors, and you must have a fenced in yard if you would like to foster a dog. All of the animals are featured on Petfinder and the adoption coordinators answer the inquiries and make the final decisions on placement of the animals into the best possible adoptive homes.

BAKE goodies for our bazaars and other fundraising events. Cookies, banana bread, cinnamon rolls and pies are popular items. Things that freeze well sell like hotcakes! Call Sharon Dahlbeck at 589-2570 for more info.

MAKE hand-made craft items, pottery, potholders, catnip mice, aprons, scarves, dog coats, candles, ornaments or jewelry we can sell throughout the year at our fundraising events.

ARTISTS & PHOTOGRAPHERS can donate their works to our fundraising booths and auctions. Every donation is tax-deductible. We also have lots of wall space at the shelter where your work can be displayed and sold throughout the year. Help take pictures of the new animals coming into the shelter for PetFinder.

SECRETARIAL WORK Volunteers needed year-round to assist with office work, typing schedules, updating volunteer lists, filing, correspondence, etc.

MAINTENANCE & YARD WORK Handymen and women volunteers needed to repair and maintain our three structures on the property year-round. The cat house is a four bedroom home built in the ’70s, 1,650 square feet, with a two car garage. The barn is 40x80 feet, and always in need of roof repairs. We really need a new roof! The dog building is a cement structure, with chain link kennels inside and out, which need repair from time to time. Cement flooring needs to be poured, electrical repairs, etc. Washers and dryers are used constantly in both the cat and dog buildings, and often in need of repair. The shelter is on a 3-acre property with beautiful, clean well water, and two septic tanks. We have lawns to mow, weeds to pull, and flower gardens to be tended in the spring and summer. Gravel needs spread in the driveway and around the perimeter of the freedom fenced area so the dogs can’t dig their way out. Please call Ron Roragen, our maintenance supervisor, at 360-289-3641 if you’d like more information on how you can help or would like to be on the maintenance team. Work parties are needed frequently. You can be available on an on-call basis.

GRANT WRITING If you have any experience in grant writing and would like to do that for us, please contact Treasurer Linda Ready at 360-289-4725 or Beth Mosher at 360-940-7378. We could really use your help!

COMMUNITY SERVICE WORK Students needing community service hours to satisfy school requirements can help out with garage sales or assist an adult with an animal shift. Court-ordered community service hours may be possible on a case-by-case basis. Please call Lorna Valdez, volunteer coordinator, at 289-2924 for more information.

SPONSOR A SPECIAL EVENT with the proceeds to benefit PAWS. The Green Lantern Pub in Copalis Beach recently donated $900 from their Bingo games to our cause.

ORGANIZE A NEW EVENT to benefit our shelter. The” Woofathon” was a new fundraising event for PAWS this past August which grossed more than $10,000. Proceeds were designated to make improvements to the dog building, which are currently underway. A core group of hardworking volunteers chaired by Wilma Spike and Eleanor Dorman made that happen. It was a huge success!

DOG HANDLERS & CAT HANDLER/SHELTER HOSTS are needed every 6-12 months to live on the property, which has 2 RV sites, with full hook-up and utilities offered along with free RV space in exchange for 15-20 hours of volunteer work per week in assisting with the cats or dogs and garage sales. We are currently advertising for a new dog handler. Please call Debby Valdez for more information at 360-289-0586. Personal resume and references, a 6-12 month commitment, as well as a genuine love of animals are required. Singles or couples may apply.

For more information, visit www.northbeachpaws.org.