Births 5/20

Grays Harbor Community

To Rachel Peabody and Paul Medley, Raymond, April 23, a daughter, Lilly Renee.

To Melysa Evans and Norby MacMillan, Hoquiam, April 24, a daughter, Holli Kathryn.

To Dannielle and Don Oliver, Hoquiam, April 25, a daughter, Annabella Grace.

To Erica Schimelpfenig and Glenn Black, Aberdeen, April 26, a daughter, Lovella Nadine.

To Alma Muro and Miguel Avila, Aberdeen, April 28, a son, Miguel Andres.

To Nicole and Jeremy Lenhartzen, Aberdeen, April 30, a daughter, Madison Grace.

To Sylvia Perry and Andrew Lewis, Hoquiam, May 1, a daughter, Lana Lee.

To Veronica Munoz and Josh Tedder, Westport, May 4, a daughter, Emma Rose.

To Nectar Keov and Johnny Plang, Aberdeen, May 4, a daughter, Ellie.

To Marie and Benjamin Bale, Aberdeen, May 5, a son, Joshua Matthew.

To Mindy and William Fowler, Amanda Park, May 6, a son, Noah John.

To Jodi and Loren Neil, Central Park, May 8, a daughter, Alice Lynn.

To Angela and Joseph Sliva, Hoquiam, May 8, a son, Keaton Henry.

To Jessica Martinez and Jose Medina, Raymond, May 8, a son, André Daniel.

To Rebecca and James Smith II, Aberdeen, May 10, a daughter, Emily-May Beth.

To Poung Sem and Lionel Johnston, Aberdeen, May 10, a son, Lionel Jr. Savourn.

To Nikki and Brandon Beals, Raymond, May 11, a daughter, Beila Marie Lynn.

To Melinda Espinoza and Jeysson Ayala, Cosmopolis, May 12, a daughter, Natalie Marie.

Capital Medical Center

To Casey and Nicholas Kiser, Montesano, Feb. 28, a son, Jace Alexander.

Providence St. Peter

To Lisa (Landreth) and Martin Roberts, Cosmopolis, April 13, a son, Ryan Thomas.