Hayes thank you

Resident thankful for animal control officer’s compassion

I want to give a big thank you to the Aberdeen Animal Control officer, I believe his name is Mike Robi.

I had been caring for a feral cat for a couple of years. He followed my cat home and seem to make himself comfortable on our porch. I would feed him from time to time. This cat wasn’t very well, but he became healthier. He was never very frisky, just laid back.

Last week, the old guy seemed to give up and was near death. I called Animal Control and the officer came right over, even though he didn’t have to since it wasn’t my cat. But he showed great compassion and pronounced the cat near death and said putting him out of his misery was the best option.

Animal Control officers are not always thought of in this way, but I was impressed with the compassion that this officer showed and I want everyone to know it.

Joyce Hayes