World Gone By 3/15

75 years ago, March 15, 1938

• State Patrolman A.E. Ludden of Seattle was killed in an accident near the scale house on the Duwamish River Bridge on the Tacoma-Seattle highway this afternoon when his motorcycle was forced off the road, hurling him into an embankment.

Ludden was a graduate of Hoquiam High School and had worked for Root Glass and Paint Company before joining the State Patrol in October of 1936.

• Eight Hoquiam ladies will model the latest in spring apparel at an informal fashion show in the windows of the M. Siegel Apparel store in Hoquiam at 8 o’clock Thursday night. The newest in spring millinery, dresses, suits and coats will be displayed.

50 years ago, March 15, 1963

• To much of the world “harbingers” of spring means pussy willows, first timid crocus or daffodils, but here on Grays Harbor one sure harbinger is the Girl Scout Cookie sale. Each year, come March, suddenly the little girls in green and brown appear everywhere in the community selling their cookies.

The cookies are the same delicious type sold before — mint, Dutch Dainty and Vanilla Filled, selling for 50 cents a box.

• The South Bend School Board again tabled the resignation of South Bend Superintendent Gareth Giles last night. He was strongly urged by the present board members to reconsider the resignation he submitted a month ago.

Giles, a veteran of 12 years as South Bend superintendent, has been under fire by anti-consolidationists for his pro-consolidation stand. Giles supporters are equally vehement on his behalf.

25 years ago, March 15, 1988

• Jericho watched his handler intently as he waited for the police car door to open. His brown eyes were bright and alert. He was ready to go to work. But Jericho’s days with the Aberdeen Police Department’s K-9 unit are over. He was officially retired Saturday.

A veterinarian has told the dog’s handler Officer Mike Haymon, that the German shepherd has terminal ritticulosis, a degenerative brain disease and like has only about a month to live.

“He’s the best partner I’ll ever have,” said the heartbroken Haymon. “I feel lost out there without him.”

During the 3 1/2 years on the force, the resourceful dog has been at least partially responsible for 96 arrests and has been called into action 241 times, Haymon said.

• A freshman battery and a slugging veteran sophomore led Elma to a 9-3 victory over Montesano in a non-league girls’ softball opening yesterday at Craig Field. Darcy Stenek went the distance on the mound for the winners and although issuing nine walks, was never really in trouble. She aided her own cause with a run-scoring single in the fourth inning.

Her catcher, Lorna Tovia, bashed a double and triple, scoring twice.

And Shadel Carter, the basketball star who’s playing shortstop despite the fact she’s a lefthander, belted a triple and two singles to lead the winners at the plate.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.