World Gone By 3/24

75 years ago, March 24, 1938

• Those people who are worrying about “what the younger generation is coming to” should make an inspection of the home economics and manual training departments of Weatherwax High School in order to have their fears quieted.

Four classes of girls are enrolled in food preparation, a course which teaches them how to plan and to cook a balanced meal. In the manual training department 100 boys are busy making everything from towel racks to cedar chests.

• Local theaters are showing the following movies: At the Monte, “Big Town Girl” and “Prescription for Romance;” at the Bijou, “Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry” and “She Loved a Fireman;” at the New Hoquiam theater, “Fight for Your Lady” plus “The Spy Ring;” at the D&R, “Women in Prison” and “Telephone Operator;” at the Weir, “Angel” and “Love on Toast;” at the 7th Street, “Partners of the Plains” and “Six of a Kind” and at the Warner Bros, “You’re a Sweetheart” and “He Couldn’t Say No.”

50 years ago, March 24, 1963

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, March 24, 1988

• The log inventory at the Port of Grays Harbor has reached an all-time record and it’s a little like working in a too-cluttered house, says Kari Wallin, terminals manager.

After a little figuring, Wallin estimated inventory this week in excess of 73 million board feet.

The port doesn’t own any of the logs on its property — they belong to logging companies, shipping companies and other businesses that use the log yards for storage.

• Former Aberdeen municipal judge, A.K. Hallam, who died March 15, was honored by resolution of the Aberdeen City Council last night.

Hallam, 63, retired from his law practice in 1985. He also had been a municipal judge for Westport and Hoquiam, and was an oyster farmer at Westport.

The resolution reads, in part, that “Jerry Hallam was a fair and understanding municipal court judge and carried out his duties in a fine and responsible manner, which was a fine tribute to the City of Aberdeen.”

“It was an honor to work with him,” said Council president John Farra, who wrote the resolution. “He was my friend.”

• Approximately 18 trucks from the Grays Harbor Public Utility District, including five line trucks and two man lifts, were among the procession from St. Mary’s Catholic Church to Fern Hill Cemetery Wednesday after the funeral for former PUD employee Jack Medak. The 27-year utility employee, who had been a line foreman, died Sunday at his home in Hoquiam. An overflow crowd estimated at 420 attended the church service.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.