World Gone By 4/10

75 years ago, April 10, 1938

Sunday, no newspaper published

50 years ago, April 10, 1963

• Sharon Lee Moore has been elected secretary of the Associated Students of Washington State University. Sharon, a graduate of Weatherwax High School and Grays Harbor College, is a junior majoring in English.

• “Where Away?” is a column written by Weatherwax High School students in William Lucas’ creative writing class. It features attractions within a day’s outing of Aberdeen. Today’s column, about Lake Quinault is written by Kathy Morrison.

Near Lake Quinault your drive is through stretches of virgin timber, standing dark and tall against the sky. Hemlock, fir and spruce on either side of the highway form a tunnel. On a sunny day this part of the road in not unlike a cathedral, the trees forming its arches, the lacy pattern on the branches filtering the sun into great shafts of golden cathedral light.

Your first glimpse of the lake is memorable. The highway edges the lake and you come upon it with a breathtaking suddenness. It is one of the Northwest’s loveliest gems with the sky mirrored in its depths.

Quinault Lodge on the south shore is a large frame structure with wide sweeping lawn sloping down to the lake. Here you will find a museum of Indian artifacts, a curio shop where you may purchase Indian handicrafts and the lodge serves excellent meals during the summer.

• Mrs. Leland Landis was selected Tuesday as Grays Harbor County’s safe driver of the day. Capt. John Schneider of the Hoquiam Police Department informed her she was followed for two miles and that she drove perfectly. “I was pleasantly surprised,” she said after she was told of the honor.

Eight other drivers were also tailed yesterday and they all failed the test. One driver coasted through a stop sign, two failed to give proper signals, one ran through a red light, one made a bad left turn, one crossed lanes improperly, one drove too fast in a school zone and one made a bad stop at a stop light.

25 years ago, April 10, 1988

• The draining of a Weyerhaeuser Co. pond where geese and ducks swam just a few days ago “is the kind of thing you used to see in the 1950s, before companies were environmentally conscious,” says Doug Zimmer, a state Department of Wildlife spokesman.

The pond sits next to the Roderick Timber Co. property in Junction City.

• Dave Hauge races four-wheel ATVs. He is an amateur, competing on Sundays just “to see how well I can do against others.”

Five days a week he works as a salesman for Dennis Company True Value Hardware in Elma.

For Hauge, racing offers him a chance to compete and win in a sport he loves — paying $15 to enter a race in an effort to win a $3 trophy.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.