World Gone By 4/7

75 years ago, April 7, 1938

• Police today denied truth of a sensational narcotics and white slavery story that has made its rounds in Aberdeen and Puget Sound cities for several days.

Chief of Police George S. Dean said that as far as he knows the entire story is without any foundation.

Here is the most widely circulated version:

“Two girls were seated in an Aberdeen theater. A man sat beside one, who felt a sudden needle jab on her arm but paid little attention because she believed it accidental. Then she felt ill and retired to the rest room. When she failed to return, her friend became uneasy and looked for her. As the friend entered the rest room she saw the first girl, unconscious, with an elderly woman standing over her. The woman asked that help be given in removing ‘her daughter.’

“The unattacked girl then cried, ‘Your daughter, nothing. She’s my friend.’ And the elderly woman fled and eluded capture.”

There is another version of a girl waiting to cross the street, getting stabbed in the arm by an elderly woman. The girl fell in a faint and a black sedan came to pick up the woman and the girl but the girl’s mother arrived in time to rescue her.

Police are at a loss to explain how the stories got started here.

• Warner Brothers’ New Hoquiam theater with complete new equipment installed, opens its doors to Grays Harbor tonight as one of the most modern show houses on the Pacific Coast.

The new and enlarged ventilating system has been installed allowing a complete change of air every three minutes.

The former nursery and smoking rooms have been converted into luxurious loge sections.

50 years ago, April 7, 1963

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago, April 7, 1988

• Like a top-ranked boxer, soldiers of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division travel around the world searching for good sparring partners, to better hone their military skills and tactics. A recent bout took them from their headquarters at Fort Ord, Calif. to Fort Chaffee, Ark., to do battle against the local bullies, the 1st Battalion, 509th Infantry, specialists in guerilla warfare tactics.

An Aberdeen woman assigned to the division was along on that trip.

Pfc. Colleen J. Anderson, 25, is a member of the divisions Medical Battalion. “There are eight females in our company and when we go to other places and other units see us they’re surprised. But we’re just soldiers and that’s how our company treats us, rarely any different from the males,” she said.

Anderson is a 1981 graduate of Hoquiam High School.

• Four Twin Harbors basketball players earned first team honors on all-state teams selected by the Washington Sports Writers Association.

Hoquiam’s Carrie Thompson was named to the AA girls’ first team. Willapa Valley’s Rich Sanchez was a Class B boys’ all-state selection, while Valley’s Kelli Wildhaber and Raymond’s Katrina Moudy were Class B girls’ selections.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.