World Gone By 6/29

75 years ago

June 28, 1938

Thankful for the sunshine which has beamed down daily for the past month and a half, Grays Harbor nudists are busy improving their 300-acre tract east of Montesano, one of the cult leaders reported today.

Known as the Beavers, a group of the nudists almost daily repair to their haven, accessible only over a posted private road, and work on the camp facilities. Under the bright sun they are clearing brush, building small cabins and otherwise improving the tract.

This weekend they will complete a community kitchen and put finishing touches to a volley ball court, the leader reported.

June 29, 1938

• Montgomery Ward and company, nationally known retailing organization, will open a new store in Aberdeen about July 15 at Wishkah and H streets in the Lafayette Building.

Furniture and fixtures for the store are now enroute from Chicago.

Montgomery Ward operated a store in Aberdeen between 1928 and 1930 in the building on Wishkah that now houses the Sears, Roebuck and company store.

• Hoquiam police early this morning rescued James Doyle from burning to death in a fire which destroyed two homes in Hooverville, across the railroad tracks at the end of K street, Assistant Fire Chief Fred Oakes said today.

Mike Hill, another occupant of the house escaped wearing only his shirt and trousers.

June 30, 1938

• The Carl Johnston family washing is being done with new speed and thoroughness these days.

Mrs. Johnston, Central Park, entered her 22-year-old washing in an “old washing machine” contest sponsored through the Goldberg Furniture Company by the Easy Washing Machine company. Her’s was the oldest of 23 machines entered and won the prize, a new 1938 East washer.

50 years ago

June 28, 1963

Rising on the southern slopes of the rugged Olympic mountains, the Wynooche River twists and churns for 67 miles, flowing an average of about 850 million gallons of water daily to the sea, by way of its Chehalis River confluence, near Montesano.

During the winter months, when the rainfall is heaviest, this surging river has carried more than 15 billion gallons of water per day, completely lost for any worthwhile purpose and causing a serious flooding and property damage along the lower 27 miles of potentially-rich agricultural lands of the Wynooche Valley.

One day’s maximum winter flow would supply Grays Harbor’s two pulp mills with enough water for six month’s production.

June 29, 1963

Local bettors are giving Coast Guard swimmer Gervis (Mike) Robey, 24, a 50-50 chance that he will be successful in his July 4th swim from Ocean Shores to Point Chehalis in Westport.

The way it looks now, Robey will start his swim around 6 a.m. off Ocean Shores when the tide will be minus 0.7

June 30, 1963

Sunday, no newspaper published

25 years ago

June 28, 1988

• An ordinance approved by the Hoquiam City Council Monday will make it decidedly difficult to operate a topless club in the city.

The ordinance sets a $500 business license fee for “adult entertainment” establishments instead of the normal $50. It also states that the “entertainers” — the dancers — must pay a $50 fee.

The topless dancing must be on a stage that is at least 18 inches high and is at least six feet from the customers. And dancing on tables and in private rooms is prohibited.

• A giant 100th birthday card, created by artist Dick Creevan, will be unveiled at Friday’s Aberdeen centennial Splash banquet, according to banquet co-chairman Anita Basich.

Aberdonians can have their names added to the 4-by-6 foot plywood card for a $20 donation, Basich said, adding that the money will bolster the Splash fund for future celebrations.

June 29, 1988

Last February, during a planning meeting for Aberdeen’s centennial, someone suggest staging a pageant.

“Anything but that!” John Hughes pleaded. The newspaper editor said pageants are often romanticized and historically inaccurate.

“Well, what do you suggest, wise guy?” said reporter Cheryl Barrett. United Way director Lynn Kessler and others in the group chimed in good-naturedly.

“I imagined Ernie Ingram as Sam Benn and just blurted it out — ‘An Evening with Sam Benn!’” said Hughes.

That was five months ago. On Saturday night, Sam Benn will come back to life on stage of the Driftwood Theater.

June 30, 1988

For a guy from a relatively small pond, Hank Soike has run with some pretty big fish.

Check out the photos on his office walls. There’s Hank and Maggie, Hank and Scoop, Hank and Ronald Reagan. There’s Slade Gorton, too and that’s Julia Butler Hansen in the corner.

His Rolodex is one of the most formidable in the Northwest.

Today was his last official day on the job and tonight some 400 people are expected to roast and toast him at a retirement reception.

Compiled by Karen Barkstrom from the archives of The Daily World.